‘Manifest’ 2×08 recap: “Carry On”

Manifest recap: Season 2, Episode 8, “Carry On,” aired March 2, 2020.

We’ve had some time to digest what transpired last episode of Manifest. We still don’t accept it, but whatever. Just hoping for a scene that will make me smile this episode. That’s all I ask. Let’s see what happens! 

Fire blazing

The episode starts with Ben braving the fire in search for TJ. It ends up being a nightmare, though. Come morning, Michaela is at the scene of the fire, and I’m pretty sure she just ID’ed TJ. So freaking sad.

Ope. Michaela’s partner is becoming suspicious of Jared. Totally justified. At the Stone household, Ben’s new shady colleague is having coffee with the family. Michaela comes by the house with the bracelet Olive had given TJ.

Then there’s Jared, at a meeting hosted by Ben’s colleague. Sigh. In fact, Michaela’s partner basically tells her that he’s suspicious af. Even Michaela believes that Jared is siding with the enemies. OH, Jared, you are in trouble, man.

It’s frosty in here

Zeke goes to Saanvi with the frostbite on his hands. Please let Zeke live! Seems like Zeke wants in on Saanvi’s injection to bid him more time. 

Ben receives a calling that features some chanting when he looks at the drawing. As he’s at the tribute site, Ben starts to hear the chanting again. This leads him to a zen center, and Olive reveals TJ’s mom was a Buddhist. Ben thinks that his callings could mean that they should having a ceremony for TJ. It just all seems so final.

Michaela and her partner are tailing after Jared. I like her partner; she’s spunky! She decides to go into the bar to check it out, aka. snoop around. Also, is she allowed to be drinking on the job?

Confronting the past

Back at the station, they run the photos of Jared’s new bff. With that, they come to the conclusion that Jared is, in fact, a Xer. However, Michaela refuses to believe it. She then calls a judge to ask for a favor. I wonder what that favor is going to be!

What is Michaela doing at the bar?! She came to talk to Jared’s girlfriend to save them from getting into deeper trouble with the Xers. Doesn’t seem like she wants Michaela’s help, though, but that’s okay because Michaela totally bugged the bar. Yes, girl! Dig up all the dirt.


After the impromptu ceremony, Ben is still hearing the calling. Olive and him go to investigate…into a creepy, dark basement at the zen center. Now would be a great time to utilize those handy dandy phone flashlights…There ya go, Olive! While down there, they come across a door. They decide to travel through the tunnel, and they end up hearing TJ’s voice. OMG. He’s alive!

Michaela brings the recordings to her captain. Turns out she had the judge give her some sort of permission to bug the bar. The captain better take this seriously. Crap. Instead, she clues Jared into being outted, which makes me even more confused. I’m assuming that he is undercover? But I just don’t know. This is the most frustrating plot line ever because I have no idea what to think.

Also, apparently, Saanvi doesn’t remember going to the park to find Alex and kissing her. Interesting. Back at Michaela’s apartment, Zeke shows her the frostbite on his hands, and I just love those two. I demand happiness! I demand Zeke to survive his death date!

More Manifest musings

  • I expected for the fallout of the fire to be sad, but man, this is SAD.
  • Honestly, I have no idea what Jared’s stance is at all. Undercover or nah?
  • Ben and Olive giving TJ a ceremony and talking about him as a person was so heartwarming. 
  • I would NEVER go into that dark tunnel. I can barely go into haunted houses without running out crying. A big no thanks. 
  • I can’t believe TJ is alive. Definitely was not expecting that. At all. 

The episode sure did pick up during the final minutes. I am so relieved TJ is alive, but I really need them to find a cure for Zeke. What did you think of this episode of Manifest? Sound off below or tweet us!

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