SCAD aTVfest: ‘The Bold Type’ cast talks musical episode hopes

The Bold Musical. Let's make THAT happen!

The Bold Type cast appeared at the SCAD aTVfest which took place Feb. 27-29, 2020 in Atlanta 

The Bold Type Season 4 is well under way on Freeform and we are loving it. This show has routinely tackled important issues that we deal with as a society, with a strong focus on issues women often face/suffer with silently. The wonderful thing about this show is that it does an excellent job of opening a dialogue on so many things, some of which include fertility, sexuality, sexism, and racism, yet maintains such a lighthearted and warm vibe.

And it’s a JOY to watch. 

At SCAD aTVfest, we chatted with Katie Stevens (Jane), Meghann Fahy (Sutton), Sam Page (Richard), Stephen Conrad Moore (Oliver), and Matt Ward (Alex) about why this show should DEF have a musical episode! So many shows have done a musical episode, but does that mean that this cast would want to do one? Stephen Conrad Moore thinks so!

“Hell yes to the musical episode.” – Stephen Conrad Moore

We also asked him what type of music or musical number he would want Oliver to do. “Classical musical genre for me,” Moore told us.  

Matt Ward who plays the buttoned up and often hit with conflict, Alex replied with a very decisive answer and it’s pretty amazing. “Death metal. Just like raw screaming,” Ward answered with so much authority we have to assume this was not the first time he has thought about Alex in a musical context. 

“Everybody is really musically inclined on our show – except for me,” Sam Page, who plays Richard, told us. Page went on to say he would love to see Richard bust out some Elvis – we very much approve!

We also asked Katie Stevens and Meghann Fahy about the prospect of a musical episode and they told us they were also very much on board.

“We’re trying, guys. We’ve been asking. We’ve been pitching.”  – Katie Stevens

“We’ve always wanted to do a holiday episode,” Fahy added. And we couldn’t agree more! This show may tackle some huge issues, but this cast is down for some fun, campy episodes and we would love to see it!

MAKE. IT. HAPPEN. FREEFORM. We are ready! 

The Bold Type Season 4 is now airing on Freeform on Thursdays. 


Meg Bonney

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