EXCLUSIVE REVIEW: FOX’s ‘Filthy Rich’ screening at SCAD aTVfest

The drama's EP and star Kim Cattrall promises a proper southern gothic drama

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The cast of FOX’s new show Filthy Rich opened SCAD aTVfest this week, premiering its pilot episode for festival goers. The southern gothic drama stars Kim Cattrall as Margaret Monreaux, matriarch of the family that owns a billion-dollar christian network. The Monreaux family loses its patriarch, Margaret’s husband Eugene, in a plane crash in the pilot episode. Following the tragedy, Margaret and her two children, Rose and Eric, discover through her husband’s will that he had three illegitimate children with three different women: Ginger, Antonio, and Jason.

Cattrall also serves as executive producer of the series, and we chatted with her and creator and writer/director Tate Taylor, as well as the rest of the starring cast about what fans can expect from the new drama.

Several perspectives on faith

The series doesn’t fall into the uber-Christian trope where the Monreaux family uses religion as a means to gain power; these characters truly do believe in their faith. Margaret is quick to judge Ginger, the daughter of a cocktail waitress, in an effort to protect her family’s fortune and name, but soon learns that Ginger is as well-versed in her Christian faith as she.

We also see Eric Monreaux grappling with the right thing to do after his father’s death during the pilot when he’s challenged on next steps in the family business. Eric is married to Becky, whose pastor-brother has high aspirations of climbing up in the Monreaux family business, and doesn’t mind going around Margaret to reach them.

Badass female characters: This show walks the walk

Cattrall shares that her character Margaret’s goal is to maintain control of her family business and what she’s built, and she’s not going to let anyone get in the way of that—especially her three “new children.” Her relationship with her daughter Rose displays some strains, but it’s clear that Rose loves her mother and respects her, showing a refreshing take on the rich-girl mother/daughter relationship. Ginger shares a similar relationship with her mother, leading her to develop an early bond with her half-sister Rose.

The women in this series may all have ulterior motives, but they share a genuine in belief in what they’re trying to do, and it’s not intentionally malicious, making for a complicated web of drama.

“Complicated” family dynamics

Rose Monreaux isn’t your typical rich girl, she’s an entrepreneur trying to get her fashion line off the ground. While Margaret discourages this venture, Rose finds an unlikely alley in helping her pursue her dream. Actor Aubrey Dollar who plays Rose shares that her character’s love life also gets a little complicated when one of her new siblings shows more-than-friendly feelings towards her—see more on that in the video below.

Lots and lots of twists

Creator Tate Taylor promises that the southern gothic drama will have several bombshells dropped throughout the first season. Without spoilers, we can say that the end of the pilot episode delivers on that promise.

Filthy Rich will premiere on FOX in 2020.

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