‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ 7×05 recap: “Debbie”

Is Debbie a bad person?

Brooklyn Nine-Nine 7×05 “Debbie” aired February 27, 2020.

At the end of last week’s episode, we saw Debbie, who until then had been nothing but cute and nice, steal a bunch of drugs and weapons. Well, this week’s episode dug more into that shocking twist as we learned what her motives were.

Is Debbie a dirty cop or did she have a “good” reason to do this? Let’s see what happened in Brooklyn Nine-Nine 7×05!

Scully to the rescue?!

When she arrives at the Nine-Nine after stealing the guns and drugs, Debbie tries to play it “cool” in front of the rest of the squad. Emphasis on the word try.

She thinks she’s doing great — she says so herself as she’s on the phone with someone else. Someone who seems to be her accomplice in all of this. Unfortunately for her, though, Hitchcock overhears her conversation and goes to tell the squad.

As it turns out, everyone already guessed it was her. She’s not really good at playing it cool.

Terry and Amy act as if they need to talk to her in Terry’s office, but she understands they know she stole the guns and drugs. So she tries to escape. Scully is unexpectedly the one who stops her from running away. Nobody comes between him and his food!

While Debbie is waiting in the interrogation room, the squad learns that the drug Debbie stole was evidence against a well-known criminal, Silvio Nucci. They come to the conclusion that he hired her to get rid of it but Debbie isn’t willing to cooperate and tell them where Nucci is.

Still, Jake suggests they should try and help Debbie out. She’s clearly not a criminal and is being forced by Nucci to do his dirty work. Rosa, on the other hand, argues that Debbie is a grown woman who made her own choices. She should face the consequences, just like she herself had to do after she did something wrong when she was younger and her parents kicked her out of the house.

According to her, it only made her stronger.

Ooooh, more Rosa backstory! Those pieces of information are rare.

In the end, Jake manages to convince Rosa to help out Debbie with the perspective of being able to take down Nucci, who’s a much bigger fish than Debbie. And in order to do so, Jake obviously has a plan

Brooklyn Nine-Nine 7×05
John P. Fleenor/NBC

Jake and Rosa the dirty cops

Jake and Rosa break Debbie out of the precinct. They tell her they’re on her side and are also working with Nucci. Debbie then takes them to a hotel room, where the drugs and guns are.

Rosa is still skeptical about doing this, even after Debbie tells them her reason for stealing. Her dad is sick and she needs the money Nucci promised her to pay the very expensive surgery. Okay, maybe she’s not so bad after all.

But then Debbie is left alone for a moment. When Jake and Rosa come back inside the room, they find her high on drugs, pointing guns at them. She gets suspicious of Rosa, who texts the Nine-Nine too often for her liking. This is the last straw for Rosa, who wants to arrest her.

Debbie is faster, though, and she ties up Rosa while Jake manages to keep his cover.

Debbie takes them to another location, one that the Nine-Nine doesn’t know about. Jake and Rosa try to think about ways to stop her. First, Jake wants to take her phone but this only ends up with her bringing her mother to the location. Then, he tries to seduce her (she has a huge crush on him — and I mean, who doesn’t?!) but this doesn’t work either.

On the opposite, it blows his cover.

Things escalate quickly after that. Indeed, Nucci lets Debbie know he’s on his way. That’s when Jake makes Debbie realize that she’s going to be an accomplice to murder.

Since she’s freaking out, Debbie asks her mother for advice, but she only tells her she’s not her daughter anymore. This makes Rosa snap and open up about her own experiences and how she wishes her parents had been there for her. Thanks to this, Debbie unties everyone just before Nucci arrives and everything ends well for them.

Rosa keeps her promise to put a good word for Debbie, then she and Jake promise each other they’re never going to tell anyone about how Debbie beat them up.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine 7×05
John P. Fleenor/NBC

“Slow and steady wins the race.”

While Jake and Rosa are with Debbie, the rest of the squad works together to find out how Nucci got to her. They do so by going through her diaries. Which isn’t an easy task, because there are a lot of them. As in, she literally wrote a full diary about an episode of House Hunters.

I’m not judging, though — I, too, could write a full book about my favorite TV shows.

Thankfully, the squad counts two amazingly fast readers among its cops: Holt and Amy. To spice things up, they decide to engage in a small competition. Charles, on the other hand, argues that reading slowly is better; you’ll understand more things if you take your time.

He tries to make his point when Terry tells the squad that Debbie, Jake and Rosa changed locations and nobody has any idea where they went. Debbie wrote a lot about her mother in one of her diaries and Charles believes she tells her everything. Holt and Amy have something better to offer, though: thanks to their fast reading, they’re able to make a whole list of things they learned about the mother.

It seems like their method was much more efficient. Sorry, Charles! But at least thanks to them, the squad arrives just in time at the location to help Jake and Rosa (and Debbie) take Nucci and his guys down.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine 7×05
John P. Fleenor/NBC

Some more thoughts 

  • I missed Jake’s “coolcoolcoolcoolcool”! I’m glad it’s back.
  • Debbie’s crush on Jake is so relatable. Actually, (almost) everything about her is so relatable. Are we sure we can’t keep her forever?!
  • Can we talk about Jake being unable to insult Amy, even undercover? This was adorable.
  • Also, can we know what Rosa said about “international sex symbol” Mr Bean?
  • Speaking of her, Rosa truly deserves all the happiness in the world.

And you, what did you think of Brooklyn Nine-Nine 7×05? Hit the comments and let us know!


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