‘Single Parents’ 2×17 recap: “Untz, Untz, Untz”

A sleepover gone wrong

Single Parents 2×17 “Untz, Untz, Untz” aired February 26, 2020.

This week’s episode of Single Parents was all about sleepovers and date nights! And love — with both an ‘old’ couple taking a new step in their relationship and a new one getting together. Although it’s not really the one we’re still (patiently) waiting for…

Let’s see what happened in Single Parents 2×17:

Poppy and Douglas take a new step in their relationship

Douglas and Poppy have been dating for a while now and yet, he never spent a night at her place. That is, until he eventually agrees to do it after they have a small “fight” about it in front of Miggy.

This sleepover soon turns into a disaster, though. Douglas has a very hard time adjusting to Poppy’s nightly routine. Plus, he’s not able to go on with his own. So, the next morning, he goes to Miggy’s place and tells him all about the terrible night he spent.

Until Poppy shows up. She seems to have spent a much better night than him. Douglas lies about his own feelings and, because of Miggy, agrees to spend another night at her place.

But, as it turns out, Douglas isn’t the only one who lied.

Poppy admits she also had a terrible night and the two have another fight. It leads Poppy to wonder if she wants to be with someone whose world will always be “a little more important” than hers. What?! No please, don’t break up!

They decide it would be best if they both sleep in their own separate homes. It doesn’t take long for Douglas to call Poppy once he’s in bed, though. He can’t sleep without her.

This is when Douglas comes up with an idea: what if he moves in with Poppy? But she’s quick to dismiss it. Her place is too small for that. He then suggests she and Rory should move into his house, on her own terms.

Poppy doesn’t give an answer right away. She needs to think about it first. So they both go to sleep, still FaceTiming so that they can be “together”. How cute.

Now I wonder how the kids will react to this big change if they do move in together…

Angie’s plan to seduce Colin

Single Parents 2×17
ABC/Kelsey McNeal

Angie is also having a rough night (and day). She planned a playdate between Sophie and Percy, Colin’s son, so that she can spend some time with him. Indeed, nothing truly happened between them since Valentine’s Day and she wants to change that.

Unfortunately for her, as soon as Colin arrives, he asks if she can watch the kids while he goes grocery shopping. So much for wanting to spend some alone time with him…

Angie is full of resources, though, so she has another plan when Colin comes back to pick up his son. She tells him that Percy and Sophie are getting along very well. Which isn’t true at all. Colin still believes it and agrees to stay a little longer.

While he’s here, Angie (awkwardly) tries to set the mood between them, but Colin doesn’t seem to get it. So, when he finally asks her if she thinks this is a date, she denies it. Colin suggests he and Percy should leave and this time, she doesn’t try to make them stay.

But someone else wants them to stay now. Indeed, what was previously a lie has become true: Sophie loves Percy. And she’s not ready to see him leave yet. So she goes to Colin and tells him the whole truth.

Angie set up this playdate because she likes him.

After that, Colin admits that he likes her too, but he doesn’t know how to handle being a single parent and dating. Angie offers to help him with that and the two kiss. It’s a win for Angie… but not so much for us, Will and Angie shippers!

As I said before, though: I’m here for the slow burn. Plus Colin’s cute and seems nice.

Will and Graham’s Bro Night

Single Parents 2×17
ABC/Tony Rivetti

Meanwhile, Will and Graham spend the evening together. Or at least, they’re supposed to. Indeed, while they’re at the restaurant, Will leaves for a short moment. And, when he comes back, he finds a girl sitting at his place on the booth and chatting with Graham.

Graham acts as if he doesn’t know Will and asks him to leave the pair alone. Will plays along, although he keeps an eye on them from afar. He’s not being very subtle, though, and the girl gets scared. After all, she still thinks Will is a complete (and probably creepy) stranger.

Graham goes to him, asking him to leave again. The two get in a fight about how Will is jealous that everyone but him is in a relationship. This leads to Will eventually giving them some space.

He drowns his sorrow by playing with the restaurant’s claw machine. He stays there for half an hour, annoying everyone who’s in line behind him to play too. This is when Graham shows up and apologizes for leaving him alone during what was supposed to be their bro night.

They play with the claw machine together and everything is well again between them. These two have such a sweet relationship! Just saying, but… they would make the best family, with Angie and Sophie.

Some more thoughts

  • Okay but now I need to know what happened with that Gregory guy.
  • Poppy and Douglas are growing on me so much, I love their relationship more and more!
  • Where’s Jack?! It’s been a while since we last saw him… 
  • Colin is cute but I really hope this story between him and Angie won’t last too long… we’re getting closer to the season 2 finale and it would be the best time for something to happen between Will and Angie!

And you, what did you think of Single Parents 2×17? Hit the comments and let us know!


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