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‘The Flash’ recap: 6×13 “Grodd Friend Me”

Oh how the turn tables

“Grodd Friend Me” is episode 13 of The Flash season 6, aired 25 Feb 2020.

This episode was starting to feel like a bit of a filler. But wow did it make things very interesting.

With Cisco taking time off, Ralph moping, Mirror Iris being shady, and Nash having his personal issues, Barry is left with the sensible Kamilla and the reawakened and freshly caffeinated Chester P. Runk. I’ll be honest, I’d forgotten Chester existed, which is sad because his character is awesome and needs to get regular time so I don’t forget about him.

Barry is troubled by all the changes caused by Crisis, such as the fact that his parents’ graves have moved. Oh, and Hartley Rathaway aka Pied Piper is bad again. And can fly. As a result, he is cold towards Chester and refuses his help, even though Chester is a total genius.

Barry builds some quantum earpiece thingy which fries when he tries to use it, causing him to end up in…Grodd’s mind.

A new Grodd, a new day, a new life

Grodd has been in a quantum coma of sorts, then Crisis happened, and he can sort of sense it even in coma?? The Crisis also sort of ‘reset’ his mind, so he’s had the time to reflect and repent. He has reached out to the Flash to ask for forgiveness, and to help him break out of his coma so he can return to gorilla city and live out his life with the rest of his kind.

Barry initially thinks it is another trick, and tries to leave the mindscape himself, only to encounter Solovar, the other sentient meta-gorilla guarding the ‘gateway’ to reality/consciousness. He returns to Grodd, who convinces Barry he has changed. Speaking of, Grodd presented himself in his mindscape as different characters throughout the episode: Caitlin, Harrison Wells/Eobard Thawne, himself. But it is this scene, where he appears as Joe to describe his path to redemption, that is the most powerful. Fantastic work from Jesse L. Martin.


Barry accepts that Grodd has indeed turned over a new leaf, and the two combine forces – literally – to defeat Solovar. They somehow merge in the mindscape to imbue Grodd with the Flash’s power and knowledge. Gorilla Flash eventually overpowers Solovar. Chester does some nifty science to help Barry and Grodd return to their regular bodies and minds as they exit the mindscape, thus completing his initiation into the team.

Well, well, Wells…

Meanwhile, Nash has started seeing Sherloque taunting him as well. He enlists Allegra to help him build some contraption that could track pseudoscientific particles related to Crisis-induced changes. During the process, Allegra stumbles upon Nash’s polaroid of him with her doppelgänger. She gets upset that he was only working with her because she reminded him of someone else (also he acted like a creep while at it).

Nash seeks out a pep talk from Killer Frost, who basically says “I told you so” and tells him to have courage to explain things to Allegra. Nash also finally finds out where KF gets her advice from – “Ralph is your life coach??!”

But when Nash goes to talk to Allegra, he is stopped – physically – by Sherloque. Whoa whoa whoa, these Wellses are real? They can touch Nash? They aren’t hallucinations?? And then – oh boy – Sherloque’s eyes glow red and he vibrates ala Reverse Flash.


Is Nash being haunted by an amalgamation of all the other Wellses?????!!!!!!!!?!?!?!?!?!?


I said this in last week’s recap, but I guess it needs to be said again!!! The Flash is really putting me through a washing machine here.

Mirror Iris goes to Joe asking for new information about Carver, but Joe cannot release the information yet due to red tape. Not to be unfazed, Mirror Iris tricks Joe into leaving his office so she can download his files. Not before slipping up and losing her temper for a moment, though. Surely that raises Joe’s suspicions?

In the mirrorverse, Iris grills Eva about the night of the particle accelerator explosion so they can understand her powers. They learn that Eva’s meta-ability could work in tandem with some prototype thing she had been building the night of the explosion – of which a mirror version exists in the mirror world. However, Eva stalls, and when pushed by Iris, forces her hands through the mirror, showing that she gets burned when she tries to go through the mirror…

Or does she? When Iris leaves the woman alone for a minute, Eva reveals she has been controlling Mirror Iris all along!


Not a big surprise. We did see someone pull Iris into the mirror, and Eva is the only other one around in that dimension. What does she need Mirror Iris to do, though? Is Eva really evil or is she just unorthodox like Sue? What’s going on between her and her husband? So many questions.

In other news, WALLY IS BACK NEXT WEEK!!!!!!!!!!

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