‘Sacred Lies: Singing Bones’ Red Carpet Interviews Part 2: Jordan Alexander, Emily Alyn Lind, and Siobhan Williams

All the behind-the-scenes info from 'Sacred Lies: Singing Bones'

Sacred Lies: Singing Bones is a beautifully crafted show that melds modern society with tales from the Brothers Grimm. The series just released their second season and is available for all to watch on Facebook Watch. If you haven’t read our spoiler-free review of season 2, check it out, here! Season 2 follows a foster kid named Elsie Silver as she realizes she’s entangled in a brutal double homicide.

Pure Fandom interviewed the cast of Sacred Lies: Singing Bones at their red carpet premiere in Hollywood. In part 1, we discussed the insanely intricate storytelling and foundation of the show with creator Raelle Tucker, actresses Juliette Lewis and Antonique Smith, and executive producer Scott Winant. You can read part 1, here.

Now, for part 2, we pull out all the stops and speak with Jordan Alexander, the star of the season, along with Emily Alyn Lind and Siobhan Williams, who play the Cherry Falls Jane Does. They tell us all about the mishaps on set and all the sweet behind-the-scenes details we never knew we needed.

Jordan Alexander, Elsie Silver

Jordan Alexander as Elsie Silver in Sacred Lies: Singing Bones
Sacred Lies: Singing Bones | Facebook Watch

Jordan Alexander is a newcomer to the world of acting. As Elsie Silver, Jordan uses her talents as a musician to shine in Sacred Lies: Singing Bones. Jordan’s music can be found on her YouTube channel, including the ultimate bop “Cool.”

PURE FANDOM: How does it feel to be the star of the show?
JORDAN ALEXANDER: It’s incredible, I loved playing Elsie and I’m just super excited.

Is there anything you can tell us about your character?
Yeah, absolutely. Elsie is a complex and deep tortured soul, as well as, a beautiful creative. She’s a musician and she really has a passion for life. 

You’ve done music before as well, right?
I have! Mostly I’m a musician, so, this is kind of my first journey into acting. It was a very incredible experience.

How was working on Sacred Lies: Singing Bones?
The best! I mean, I don’t have much experience to say that on, but I am positive that this is the best. Everyone on the set was incredible and so encouraging and it was a really magical experience.

So, for someone just now foraying into acting, was it nice to have that support? Was everyone there to help you with the ropes and all of that?
Absolutely. Every single person was just so warm and welcoming. Nobody tried to play that game of, “oh, you’re new,” none of that. They just completely embraced me and it was a really positive work environment.

Were there any pranks on set?
No, there weren’t any pranks, but one time when we were filming Ryan Kwanten walked into a– I don’t even know what it was, I don’t even know the technical terms of these things– but it was really funny and we were all trying to compose ourselves. So, no pranks, but accidents happen!

Is there any advice you would give your character?
I would tell her that the best is yet to come and [to] wait for it.

Elsie’s a young teen. She’s growing up and she’s been through a hard life. If you were to meet her in person, what would you do?
Oh my gosh, I know I would take her under my wing! I work with a teenage musician right now and I love young creatives. I would 1,000% just take her under my wing. 

Last question, as two people who want to be in the music industry– you’ve been through it, you’re here now– do you find a lot of similarities between you and your character?
Yes, a lot. She’s definitely a little bit like my darker side because I smile a lot and I’m having fun a lot, but she definitely has a lot of darkness within her. It’s warranted. If I went through what she went through maybe it would be different.

Emily Alyn Lind and Siobhan Williams, Cherry Falls Jane Does

Emily Alyn Lind and Siobhan Williams in Sacred Lies: Singing Bones
Sacred Lies: Singing Bones | Facebook Watch

Emily Alyn Lind and Siobhan Williams play sisters in Sacred Lies: Singing Bones. Emily’s previous works include Revenge, Doctor Sleep, and Code Black. Siobhan can be seen in Deadly Class and Welcome to Marwen.

PURE FANDOM: What can you guys tell us about your characters?
EMILY ALYN LIND: Nothing! Absolutely nothing!
SIOBHAN WILLIAMS: Pretty much nothing, we don’t have names, so it’s kind of hard to talk about our characters.
E: Well, for now, we call ourselves the Cherry Falls Jane Does. If you want to hear a little bit about the essence of our characters, we play sisters in the show. We’re in the process of writing an album together, but we don’t have parents. They died or whatever, they don’t really talk about it as much. We only have each other and it’s a very very strong bond. Our entire storyline is very mystical.
S: Basically, we live in this universe where time doesn’t exist and it kind of perpetually feels like the ’70s. We live in a hippie van. We like broke down in the woods, but we’re just happy to stay there and make a go of it and write our album from there. Then Ryan Kwanten, I mean Peter, came into our lives and basically we kind of lure him into our tiny little world. He kind of falls in love with the whole idea and then… and then sh*t gets real!
E: And then you’re out of the fairytale pretty quick.

What was it like playing sisters?
S: Amazing!
E: It was amazing. You don’t usually know when you sign up to do a project who you’re going to be working with. I just had no clue there was going to be this person, Siobhan Williams, [who] was going to be my best friend, you know.
S: Yeah, we’re bonded for life now.
E: It was a really great experience.
S: I think everyone on set was convinced that we were actually just sisters by the end of it!
E: Yeah! They were like, “there’s just no way.”
S: We hung out offset and onset.
E: Just all the time. And we wrote music.
S: Yeah.
E: Her [Siobhan’s] boyfriend is actually a record producer and he’s also in this huge band called Hot Hot Heat which I’m like a super fan of. They have this dope studio at their place in Vancouver and we made music together in our off time. We will finish [it] one day! Hopefully soon! When she moves to LA.
Do it!
S: Touché!

You can’t really say too much about your characters without spoiling anything, but you mentioned they’re musicians. What kind of music, albums or artists, would you think they would be really into?
E: Joni Mitchell and Bob Dylan.
S: You’re just naming all the artist you would be into and are into!
E: They’re the same!
S: That’s why you got the part. 
E: That’s why I got the part, it’s just an extension of myself. They’re very ’70s driven right? So, Joni Mitchell. The Doors, maybe? OH, OH, Janis Joplin! 
S: Harry Nilsson!
E: Yeah!
Do you think they would be into Lana Del Rey?
S: I think she would be too produced for them.
E: I love Lana, I’m a die-hard fan. I’m sure they would say they won’t, but who doesn’t love Lana?
S: Anyone who played at Woodstock ’69 they would be into. Any grassroots, ’60s, and ’70s acoustic stuff.
E: Definitely.

Emily Alyn Lind, Siobhan Williams, and Ryan Kwanten sitting in a forest.
Sacred Lies: Singing Bones | Facebook Watch

A lot of your scenes were outdoors, how was that?
E: Also, I think I should mention this. In one of the scenes– you can see it in the trailers– we’re running through the actual forest. It’s not a green screen and they gave us these feet things to put on that were so weird looking. They were supposed to blend into your foot, but they didn’t really.
S: It was like a foot glove made out of rubber.
E: Yeah, and you were supposed to run with them on and we were like, “f*** this” and we took them off. We were running through the forest, she [Siobhan] was in her underwear and I was in this soaking wet dress and it was cold.
S: It was very cold!
E: Yeah, and they were spraying us down with water and the camera was chasing us.
S: It was not a warm day either. They yelled cut and we put bathroom robes on. I remember we had a 30-minute break at one point and we both had hot water bottles. I was holding it up to my stomach and they were like, “okay, we’re ready!” And I took off the robe and there was just this big bright-red rectangle on my stomach!
E: You burned it! You like burnt your skin and they were like, “what did you do?” 
S: They had to fully make up my stomach! 
E: The beauty behind the light and the camera.

Emily Alyn Lind as Cherry Falls Jane Doe 1
Sacred Lies: Singing Bones | Facebook Watch

Did anyone trip from all of that running?
E: I tripped once, but Siobhan wasn’t there.
S: Did you? I would have caught you.
E: I tripped once. I was alone, it was dark, and I was running towards– I can’t even tell you.
S: Did they use it[footage]?
E: I have the video of it! I really hope that they used it because it was a wipe out, but you know when you fall and you don’t want to tell anyone that you were hurt? I wasn’t actually hurt, but it was on my butt and it was bruised for like 2 weeks.
S: Oh, no!
E: Yeah, TMI, but that was an experience. Other than that, we got really lucky. We had great stunt coordinators.
S: We did, for sure, and when your adrenaline is actually that high I feel like your body makes the right decisions.
E: Yeah! You’re into it. 

Is there anything fans should look forward to in season 2?
E: It’s an anthology, so it’s a lot different than the first season. I mean, it’s completely different, [a] completely different story. It’s from the Brothers Grimm’s story and there’s some references inside the story that sort of match up and parallel, but it’s a whole other take on it. I think what fans should look forward to is– what are some good words? Suspenseful. Thrilling. Heartfelt. Character-driven. 
S: Relatable. 
E: Female-centric. Beautiful!  Honestly, my favorite thing about this entire show and what I’ve seen so far is how cinematic it is.
S: Yes!
E: And how you can see the different characters in their different roles and in their different lights.
S: Totally. Every story line is a really different feeling.
E: Even colors!
S: Even colors, it’s important.
E: It really makes it feel like you’re inside of their world.
S: Another really cool fact, which people may or may not know, is that the song that’s repeated throughout the show was written by Alison Mosshart of The Kills, who is a legend.

Emily Alyn Lind as Cherry Falls Jane Doe 1 and Juliette Lewis
Sacred Lies: Singing Bones | Facebook Watch

How did it feel to have so many amazing women to work with?
E: It was the best. The whole women’s movement has been going on for as long as we can remember, but at this point in time and this generation and [in] this climate, we are finally making real change. To be surrounded by all these women who have and always will be talented and are finally getting their voices, to be able to speak up and do what they do best and have equal pay and have equal rights, it’s really beautiful to be a part of. It’s the beginning and we’re in the middle of an important movement that we’re going to tell our kids about, you know? 
S: Yeah, I’m right beside you, they’re actually getting the jobs that we’ve talked about forever. There’s something so cool about going to video village and the producer, the director, the writer, the DP are all women. It just felt really safe in a way that I never really thought about before. 
E: So safe! We had some pretty intimate scenes, especially Siobhan. She was in her underwear running through the woods and that may not seem like anything to anyone watching at home because they’re [actors] in the movies [or] in TV shows, but they’re still human. It’s still a bunch of people, whether women or men, looking at you in your underwear. So, you need to have a very supportive [and] caring team around you to make it work.
S: Totally, yes. It’s so important.

You mentioned earlier if you had seen Emily fall you would’ve helped her.
S: Always, I’m sure she would do the same for me.
Who needs a knight in shining armor when you have a sister!
S: That’s really kind of a massive theme of the series. People will discover that. Now, whether the sisters take their own advice on that or not or which one did and which one didn’t…
E: Ooh, tea! The tea is hot!

Amazing, so final question: What is the last show you guys binge watched? 
S: The Office! I’m still binge watching it. I just got into it a month ago for the first time.
E: Dude, it’s so good.
S: And I worked with Steve Carell a couple of years ago and my boyfriend was freaking out and I was like, “yeah he’s amazing, he’s Steve Carell” and now I’m like, “I can’t believe I didn’t appreciate him when he was right in front of me!”
E: He is brilliant!! I just watched the Little Women mini-series. I watched the Greta Gerwig film and I saw the original movie, [but] I hadn’t seen the series and it was really great. That’s a little more boring.
S: That’s not boring! 
E: I also watched You season 2. 
Oh, You is terrifying.
S: Oh, actually the last show I binge watched was The Witcher on PS4!
E: I want to watch that so bad, everyone’s obsessed!
S: I’ve just started the show and I’m obsessed. I’ll do whatever it takes to get a role on that show, I don’t care if I have zero lines.
E: So we’re calling out to you, Siobhan Williams needs this. 
S: This is why I love her. 
E: I love you too.

That’s it for part 2 of our red carpet interviews! Stay tuned for our third and final interview set as we talk to True Blood alums Ryan Kwanten and Kristin Bauer, as well as, Kimiko Glenn from Orange Is The New Black.

Sacred Lies: Singing Bones is currrently streaming on Facebook Watch.

Sacred Lies | Facebook Watch

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