‘Batwoman’: 5 thoughts we had while watching 1×13

Batwoman review, season 1, episode 13, “Drink Me” Aired Feb. 23, 2020.

#1 Jacob needs to get his priorities in order.

Jacob… dude, no. Firstly, maybe give your daughter Kate a visit? See how she’s doing? Their relationship seems like an afterthought most of the time.

We get it, we understand, we’ve been in fact hit over the head with how Sophie is like a daughter and vice versa. But, maybe devote more time to checking in with your actual daughter?

Also, he seems to be spiraling. Which I guess is understandable, considering all he’s been through, I just wouldn’t be surprised if we are headed down a more villainous arc for him. Especially now that how The Crows are used is cause for debate and concern.

#2 I find it endlessly amusing that Gotham has a resident vampire on the loose seducing their victims.

It’s just very Gotham. Batwoman continues to use their villains of the week well.

Also, what is it about sexy dominatrix vampires that just screams vigilante justice? …What? I wasn’t rooting for her or anything, of course not. I just… wouldn’t hate it if she came back.

#3 What’s it gonna take for me to get invested in this love story?

I should be swooning over Batwoman and Sophie’s kiss. But I’m mostly thinking, “isn’t she still technically married?” and Sophie still needs to do a personal inventory before she’s ready for a relationship with Kate. Or with anyone. And she also needs to get a divorce. I’m also thinking how pointless it was for Sophie to be married in the first place.

I’m mostly worried that Kate’s going to get hurt again. If what the show is telling us is true, and it is Kate and Sophie in the end, I think the show, and the characters, would benefit from a slow burn. Date other people. Have some new experiences. But sow in the seeds while showing me it’s these two. Don’t tell me. Have them fall in love with the people they are now rather than who they used to be.

She was also kissing Batwoman, not Kate, which can also be host to a bunch of other problems.

#4 Mary Hamilton figures out that Kate is Batwoman, and we still stan.

Firstly, I love that throughout the episode I was thinking, “it literally makes no sense that Kate and Luke don’t tell Mary the truth” and then she figures it out herself! I’m getting the vibe Mary’s next conversation with Kate is going to be like an Oliver and Thea reveal on Arrow rather than a Kara and Lena reveal on Supergirl.

Which I for one appreciate. I’m super excited to see how Kate and Mary grow as sisters and work together as a team. I’m here for a Luke, Kate, and Mary trio.

Also, the violence against Mary needs to stop. It’s every episode.

#5 The best scenes of Batwoman continue to be Alice and Kate, sharing words.

Kate’s like, “I’m done feeling guilty for this, and shouldering the burden of your bad decisions on my own. Why is it up to me to rationalize your crap and get through to you? Talk to me if you ever feel an ounce of regret over your actions, but I’m done holding my breath and waiting for the person I once knew.”

Okay, she didn’t say that specifically, but that was the gist. And it was glorious! Last episode definitely revitalized the show for the better.


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