‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ 7×04 recap: “The Jimmy Jabs Games II”

Jimmy Jabs! Jimmy Jabs! Jimmy Jabs!

Brooklyn Nine-Nine 7×04 “The Jimmy Jabs Games II” aired February 20, 2020.

The Jimmy Jabs are back! And they’re more chaotic than they were back in season 2. Who won, who didn’t get past the first game? Let’s see everything that happened in Brooklyn Nine-Nine 7×04!

The meat of the moment

Brooklyn Nine-Nine 7×04
John P. Fleenor/NBC

When Jake is left in charge of the precinct during a slow day at work, he’s quick to organize a new edition of the Jimmy Jabs Games. Unlike last time, though, the squad isn’t playing behind the boss’ back. On the opposite, Terry is here to record the opening ceremony in case it could inspire other precincts. Another change this year: instead of a bagel, it’s a whole baguette they’re putting on fire.

And, well, since he’s no longer the captain, Holt gets to participate as well. And he wants to win.

Gina’s not here to host the games, so Charles replaces her, taking them to a whole new level. Let’s just say there are a lot of references to The Greatest Showman.

This year’s prize is a day off work, but Jake and Hitchcock make it even more interesting with a bet — just like old times! Although most of the bets Jake used to make were with Amy. The rules are simple: if Jake wins, Hitchcock has to do his paperwork for a year. But if Hitchcock wins, Jake has to give him his new car.

So many throwbacks to the first seasons; I love it!

Amy isn’t too pleased with this new bet, though. This is her car as well we’re talking about, after all. She had an administration workshop to attend to, but she’s forced to stay and join the games. The first challenge consists of throwing a slice of meat on a window and let it stick.

Everyone manages to do it (even Hitchcock!), until Debbie’s turn arrives. She’s hesitant to participate at first. Charles tries to convince her and gives her a slice of turkey meat, which turns out to be a problem. Indeed, she’s very allergic to turkey.

She loses because of that.

“Why does the ceiling hate me?”

Brooklyn Nine-Nine 7×04
John P. Fleenor/NBC

Charles is taking his hosting role at heart so, while everyone is waiting for him to finish his musical act and for the second game to start, Hitchcock shares why he’s suddenly being so good. He shows Jake a box full of pills Scully has to take. They all have side effects that can help him win this year’s Jimmy Jabs.

He makes his point when the second game starts. All the participants have to hide from a sniffer dog — the first person found by the dog is eliminated from the games. But Hitchcock doesn’t have to hide. Indeed, one of Scully’s pills makes his natural odor completely disappear.

Maybe Scully should have taken one of these pills too, because he’s the one who loses this time. Jake hid in the ceiling and falls right as Charles introduces the squad to the third game.

While wearing bomb suits, they have to fight to be part of the only four people able to fit in the elevator. Jake, still hurt from his previous fall, seems like he’s about to lose both the games and his bet before Amy intervenes. She (who still doesn’t know Jake let her win all these years ago) switches places with him and thus lets him win this time. It’s all coming full circle!

An engagement… or a breakup?!

Brooklyn Nine-Nine 7×04
John P. Fleenor/NBC

While Jake and Hitchcock have their bet going on, two other members of the squad are competing against each other as well: Holt and Rosa. They keep insulting each other and making up fake reasons why they need the day off to touch the other.

So, when Holt tells Rosa he knows why she needs the day off — she’s going to propose to Jocelyn! — and she replies that Jocelyn actually broke up with her and that’s why she needs a vacation, he doesn’t believe her at first. It’s only when he sees Rosa leave in tears that he understands she wasn’t joking.

This confession leads them to both drop out of the game during the fourth challenge. Holt wants to show Rosa he’s here for her in this sad time. I really love this friendship so much!

This leaves us with only two people left for the fifth and final game: Jake and Hitchcock, who are both in a very poor state. Jake because the ceiling fell on him a second time, and Hitchcock because, well… taking so many pills wasn’t such a good idea after all.

And the winner is…

Jake and Amy 7×04
John P. Fleenor/NBC

Just like the show did in the past two weeks, Brooklyn Nine-Nine 7×04 blessed us with some ‘future Peraltiago baby’ talks. First at the beginning of the episode, when Jake thought Amy wanted to have sex in Terry’s office, and then right before the last Jimmy Jabs game.

Indeed, in a very sweet Jake and Amy moment in the break room, he confesses why he bet on their car: he’s afraid he’s becoming a boring adult. But most importantly, no paperwork would mean more free time to take care of an eventual future baby.

This is adorable, and I am here for all the future dad conversations. Jake’s come such a long way from not wanting kids!

In order to get this free time, though, he needs to win first. The last game is the famous obstacle course, with a twist in the end. The winner is the one who sits on ‘the throne’ first but to do that, Jake and Hitchcock have to break through a breach training door.

And since they’re both in really bad shape, things are even more complicated. Thankfully, Amy uses Debbie’s EpiPen from her previous allergy reaction to give Jake a shot of adrenaline. It works, and he wins. “For my wife.”


Speaking of Debbie, she’s the one who closes the ceremony. Charles inspired her that she can do anything. He inspired her so much, actually, that she ends up stealing drugs and weapons…

Really, Debbie?! We were rooting for you!

The episode ends with this cliffhanger. And since next week’s episode is called “Debbie”, we can assume it’ll show the consequences of that robbery and, maybe more importantly — why she did that.

Some more thoughts

  • Debbie and Charles are a duo I didn’t know I needed until now.
  • I am HERE to get references to Jake and Amy trying for a baby in every episode!
  • I’m so sad Rosa and Jocelyn broke up. I would have loved for Holt to be right and them getting married!
  • Speaking of, that scene of them listening to heavy metal at Shaw’s to help her get through the breakup was very sweet.
  • Debbie is so funny and relatable (well, maybe not the stealing part), I wish we could keep her forever.
  • Season 7 truly is Charles’ season. He’s killing it so far.

And you, what did you think of Brooklyn Nine-Nine 7×04? Did you see that Debbie twist coming?! Hit the comments and let us know!


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