‘Single Parents’ 2×16 recap: “Hip$ for Doroles”

Everyone teams up to save Poppy’s Winebrary!

Single Parents 2×16 “Hip$ for Dolores” aired February 19, 2020.

This week’s episode of Single Parents put one character in particular under the spotlight: Poppy! Indeed, the Winebrary’s rent went up, so she had to find a way to pay the money she owes her landlord. Thankfully, all of her friends and their kids were here to help.

Here’s what exactly went down in Single Parents 2×16:

“Congratulations, sounds like you divorced the right guy.”

Single Parents 2×16
ABC/Richard Cartwright

When Poppy learns that the Winebrary’s in danger of closing because the rent went up and she now owes a lot of money, she and Will team up to find a solution.

Her first idea is to sell her engagement ring from when she was previously married. After all, it’s always been her backup plan. Unfortunately for her, when she goes to a jewellery store, she’s told that the (big) diamond on the ring is fake, even though her ex-husband told her that he’d paid this ring a fortune. She won’t be able to sell it for more than 200$.

After this, Poppy feels a little bummed. Well, very bummed, actually. She tells Will herself: the last time she felt this low was when she broke up with her ex-husband after he spent all of his money on an alpaca. This was bad, obviously, but also alpacas are CUTE.

Poppy then recalls the story of how she left the house with Rory and found the place that would later become the Winebrary. This story (as well as Will’s supportive words) remind her that even at her lowest, she still managed to turn her life around — and she can do it again. She will find the money she owes and won’t have to close the Winebrary.

She even manages to inspire Will, who has been avoiding work lately because of his breakup with Tracy. He’s finally ready to go back and try to be friends with her, so that things are less awkward between them.

Money for Dolores

Single Parents 2×16
ABC/Evans Ward

Meanwhile, Angie and Miggy get the idea of raising money at their workplace to help Poppy. But, to make their coworkers actually want to give some money, Angie comes up with a made-up story. Here comes Dolores, who broke both of her hips in an accident — hence the episode’s title. No way people won’t want to help her, right?

Rory and Graham, whose school is closed for the day, want to help too. Angie doesn’t want them to be part of her lie, though, so they have to find another way to do so.

They get an idea when a woman bumps into them and makes Graham spill the salad they just bought. The woman gives them a $20 bill to apologize. It inspires them to intentionally bump into people again and spill their salad, so that they would be given money.

Both the kids’ and adults’ ruses work perfectly. They manage to raise some money at the end of the day. But then enters Dolores, who happens to be a real person who did break both of her hips. They don’t have any other choice but to give her the money, then.

Fortunately for them, in the heat of the moment, Angie kicks a box full of calendars Miggy made with pictures of himself shirtless around the office. All of their coworkers seem to love this calendar (it has three new months inside!) and want to buy one.

So, in the end, they still manage to raise some money for Poppy. And without lying, this time.

Douglas and the “winebrarians”

Single Parents 2×16
ABC/Richard Cartwright

Since Poppy is out of the Winebrary for the day to try and save it with Will, Douglas is put in charge of it. And not everyone is happy with it. Indeed, the regulars at the Winebrary, who call themselves “winebrarians”, don’t seem to like him.

Things get even worse when Douglas learns that Poppy lets them pay with false bills. He decides to turn things around, which leads to everyone leaving the place — even the winebrarians. Before they can go, though, Sophie tells Douglas he should listen to them. Which he does.

The winebrarians explain why they love this place so much. Thanks to this conversation, Douglas manages to make them agree to pay their bills from now on. It also helps him realize what’s so great about the place and he starts to really love it too.

Thanks to everyone, it seems that Poppy will be able to pay the money she owes to her landlord, and everything ends well for her and the Winebrary.

Some more thoughts

  • It was really great to have an episode where everyone teams up for one same cause! And to have this cause be Poppy-related.
  • OK, where can I get Miggy’s calendar?!
  • That last scene was another example of how sweet the found family trope is. It was so cute.
  • Rory’s obsession with his TV show was very relatable.

And you, what did you think of Single Parents 2×16? Hit the comments and let us know!


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