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‘Legends of Tomorrow’ recap: 5×05 “A Head of Her Time”

Legends brought it this week! I mean they bring it every week, but this was crazy! I loved every second of it. This episode gave us character and relationship development from all sides. Let’s see what happened!

Poltergeist Natalie


We open on John still trapped in the room with the poltergeist. Gary and Charlie frantically wait on the other side. Gary tries to open the door. Naturally, he messes it up. Instead he let’s the poltergeist loose in the house. This isn’t just any old ghost. The ghost is Astra’s Mom, Natalie. She is super p*ssed at John. I mean is anyone ever not angry at him?

  • Natalie killed herself many years ago.
  • John tried to resurrect her with the help of a demon. 
  • The demon botched the resurrection and took Astra.

Natalie is haunting John because she wants him to say out loud the real reason he wanted to do the resurrection. We also find out that John loved Natalie at one point in time. They were best friends when they were younger. Natalie possess Charlie, because she wants John to look her in the eye and tell her the truth. John wanted to resurrect Natalie to prove to her that he made the right decision choosing magic over her. 

Interim Captain


We seem to get one or two Ava centered episodes a season. Everyone of them have given us the feels. This time the feeling is happiness. Sara must go to Star City (Arrow series finale). She leaves Ava in charge as interim Captain. Ava, was just getting used to being a Legend. Now, she has to put on her leadership cap. Spoiler alert, she is super nervous. 

  1. Ava calls a team meeting. She brings leighs as one does to a meeting. 
  2. Ms. Sharpe passes out binders to each Legend. 
  3. The binders are labeled A.L.O.H.A. (Assess, Listen, Observe, Hydrate, and Attack)

The team, aside from Ray, thinks it is Ray. No one is more vocal about it than Zari 2.0. While they are all walking away, Gideon interrupts. She has found an encore disturbance in Paris, in the 1700s. The team is off on their first mission with Interim Captain Ava Sharpe. Also as an aside, Ray and Nora said their first “I love yous” via skype. it was adorable.

Marie Antoinette


They arrive at a party. It is supposed to the French Revolution, so it is odd everyone is partying. At the party they find Marie Antoinette, who for some odd reason looks exactly like Nora. I guess she is an ancestor? Oh, well who cares, at least we get Courtney in an episode. The attendees seem to be adoring Marie. 

Marie is supposed to be on the guillotine by now. That’s how Nate figures out she is the encore. Zari and Ava are constantly throwing shade at each other and it is brilliant. Zari utters lines such as,

“What a waste of a perfectly good head of hair.”

Are you dying laughing right now? I was. These two on screen together this season are just pure gold. After a series of mishaps, the Legends are able to get Marie on the ship. She may be in two pieces, her head was separated from her body, but she is still alive and kicking. They take both body parts onto the ship. 

The Fall of Z-Nation

Zari is getting ready for her perfume launch on the ship. She realizes that Marie’s perfume is the magical item. It makes her popular every time she sprays it. Zari takes a sneak peek into the future through Gideon. She finds out her perfume kills all buyers sense of smell completely and her reign of popularity ends. 

Zari can’t let that happen. She steals Marie’s perfume and takes it to the party in the future. In the future things go horribly wrong. Ms. Tarazi accidentally spills all of the perfume on herself. The entire crowd goes crazy, they are fighting each other just to be near her. 

The Legends arrive to help Zari. While they are there they use the A.L.O.H.A method Ava taught them. Yes, they were listening! Ava realizes a way to save Zari. She grabs Zari’s hand and they jump into the fountain washing away the scent. The Legends complete their mission. Fast forward to now Ava and Zari 2.0 are friends. 

The Loom of Fate

At the end of the episode we get an introduction to a new item, The Loom of Fate. What does it do? We don’t know. What is the story behind it? We don’t know. All we know as of right now, is that Charlie is involved. That’s right, we are about to get some Charlie backstory!

Astra decides it is time for John’s life to end. He was due to die 10 years into the future, of lung cancer. She wants a lady of fate to spin his medallion forward. She does, in return for a future favor. Which we know will be bad later. The episode ends with John essentially dying. Is he actually dead? We will find out next week!


Legends of Tomorrow airs Tuesday night, at 9pm on The CW.






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