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‘The Flash’ recap: 6×12 “A Girl Named Sue”

Trust no one.

“A Girl Named Sue” is the 12th episode of The Flash season 6 and aired on 18 February 2020.

Buckle up everyone, a lot is happening and it is coming hard and fast.

Sue Ralph for trying

My boy Ralph is back! After several months, he finally gets a lead on the elusive Sue Dearbon when she reappears in Central City. Sue claims to be in a sort of personal war with her “ex-boyfriend” John Loring, and needs to expose his secret arms dealership before he kills her so she can return to her parents. Ralph, of course, helps her steal the key to Loring’s deposit box, revealing his identity as Elongated Man in the process.

Unfortunately for Ralph (as things usually are), Sue is really an unorthodox secret agent/thief/mercenary trying to steal a diamond from Loring. She was merely using him to help her get to it. This won’t be her last run in with Team Flash, though. The diamond is somehow linked to the Black Hole group and McCulloch Tech’s CEO Joseph Carver.

I found Sue’s character too overdone that her sarcasm and sharp tongue came out cringey rather than funny or witty. It was interesting to see her interactions with Ralph. They had a bit of a buddy cop vibe going on. I do hope that the exaggeratedly comical parts of Sue get toned down when their relationship gets more serious, however. I want to see Ralph be serious.

Anyway, the height difference.

the flash ralph dibny sue dearbon

Into the Mirrorverse

On the other end of the Black Hole conspiracy, Iris mets Eva McCulloch, who has been trapped in the mirror since…you guessed it. The particle accelerator explosion. The gift that keeps on giving.

the flash iris west
the CW

Eva is a little unhinged from living alone in this alternate dimension for six years. Iris convinces her to try freezing the mirror to absolute zero – same way the Flash dealt with Mirror Master previously. However, the mirror shatters without opening a portal back to the regular dimension.

In a fit, Eva accidentally discovers she has some metahuman powers related to the mirror. It is unclear if they work the same way as Mirror Master’s did, but Eva is able to reassemble the mirror.

Something’s off with Iris

Meanwhile, mirror Iris is being shady in the regular dimension. It is unclear if she is actually evil or just Iris without morals. Whatever it is, this storyline is really showing off Candice Patton and Grant Gustin’s abilities. Mirror Iris is believable enough, but also just so not Iris, from her language to her general demeanour. You can tell Barry still senses something off, but doesn’t want to question her because he wants to be a supportive husband. 

Mirror Iris is also researching Black Hole (or at least she claims to be), which has led her to the mirror gun. Considering real Iris is stuck in the mirror dimension, this is very suspicious. Barry initially finds a decent excuse to not retrieve the gun from its secret storage, until a turn of events convinces him that the only people he can trust is ‘family’.

Said turn of events was uncovered by Joe. He has found that many old cases with casualties marked ‘accident’ seem to have been foul play, and all the victims were related to Joseph Carver. He believes someone in CCPD is helping Carver cover up his assassinations.

The only person not concerned with Black Hole is Nash, who is dealing with his own personal problem: the taunting vision of Harry Wells, whose diary Nash happens to be reading.

What’s up with Nash? With mirror Iris? With Black Hole?

Leave us your theories in the comments, or on Facebook and Twitter.

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