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‘Supergirl’ recap: 5×12 “Back from the Future Part-Two”

This week’s episode of Supergirl was jam packed with action and information. Dare I say too much information? Let’s take a moment to dissect what we learned this week. I also need some time to contemplate Brainy’s decisions. 

4. Lena Luthor and Andrea Rojas Team-Up


Andrea and Kelly are testing the new Obsidian lenses. Andrea tastes tests some food in the virtual reality world. All of the sudden she starts choking. Kelly pulls her out. Andrea has never been allergic to shellfish, but in the VR she is. Kelly says there must be something wrong with the bio-uplink. 

If the launch of the new lenses has to be pushed, Andrea’s company will be in big trouble. Andrea gets a visit from Lena. She tells Lena what is happening. Lena offers a partnership with Luthercorp to help with the uplink. Does she have ulterior motives? Of course she does. Ms. Rojas turns her down. She refuses to risk their friendship for another partnership. The last one did not go very well. 

Lena enlists Lex’s help, with recruiting Obsidian to get on board. Lex meets with the Evil Leviathon lady and offers Luthercorp’s partnership with her. Evil Leviathon lady approaches Andrea angrily and tells her to accept Lena’s help. Andrea calls Lena. Lena wants to use Obsidian’s lenses to help distribute her psycho program she won’t let go of. Basically Lena is going full blown Lex Luthor. 

3. The Toyman Goes Digital


The DEO deals with their own set of problems. The Toyman is back. This time he has digitized himself into the DEO’s software. Evil Winn wants them to upload him into the web, or else he is going to infect all of their tech and kill everyone there. Alex refuses, so the fireworks begin.

  • Brainy and Winn figure out a way to delete the Toyman. 
  • Kara and Winn head down to the main server, so Winn can digitize himself to fight Toyman.
  • Alex and the DEO fight off the evil tech.

You heard me correctly. Winn is going to digitize himself. He uses future Legion tech, which will allow him to do it for a little while. In the server Winn finds his Evil twin and his Dad. Winn’s Dad sacrifices what’s left of his life, so his son can defeat Evil Winn. Winn then returns to the outside world. The rest of the DEO is saved. 

2. Bad Brainy


While all of this is going on, Brainy goes further down the dark path. He continues to lie to everyone except for Winn. I would also like to know why Winn hasn’t told anyone yet. His partnership with Lex is getting even more dangerous. 

It turns out Lex knew the whole time that Toyman would infect the DEO. I don’t know why this surprises Brainy? Lex wants Brainy to retrieve the code Toyman used, so he can fight Leviathon. Brainy is supposed to be one of the smartest beings on the planet. Why is he acting like an idiot? He gives the code to Lex. I have questions:

  1. Is Brainy turning Evil?
  2. Why is Winn not telling anyone?
  3. How can Brainy not realize Lex having the code is a bad idea.

Brainy continues to lie to the team. Alex quits the DEO because she can no longer work under Lex. Lex makes Brainy the Director of the DEO. Is anyone one else incredibly angry right now?

1. Winn Gets Closure

Winn Schott has come full circle. Although we know he is in the 100th episode, this version of Winn’s story has come to an end. Winn left to the future and came back a full blown superhero with a family. He was also to close out his old family’s chapter. 

Winn’s father spent the last moments of his life saving his son. Evil Winn was defeated. Winn took back the name Toyman and made it his own. A new chapter for our Toyman begins. Now it is time for lots of hugs and goodbyes. We will miss our Winn/Computer Lad/Toyman. It has been a nostalgic couple of episodes. 

Next week is the 100th episode and all the nostalgia will come to a head. What did you think about this week’s episode? Are you mad at Brainy? Do you want more Lena? Tune in next week!

Supergirl airs Sunday nights, at 9pm on the CW. 


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