‘Stumptown’ 1×15 recap: “At All Costs: The Conrad Costas Chronicles”

Stumptown recap: Season 1, Episode 15, “At All Costs: The Conrad Costas Chronicles,” aired Feb. 19, 2020.

After last episode, we are switching gears and scenery. We are leaving Stumptown and visiting Hollywood this episode. I am sensing all kinds of antics for Grey and Dex on their journey. Let’s see what transpires this episode!

Hollywood, BABY

Dex’s case is taking her to L.A., but she’s not too sure about it. Grey, however, is all for it because there’s a car there he wants. At home, Dex is going through a box with old notes and has a flashback to her as a child with her mother.

I like how Tookie is completely taking over Grey’s bar. What a power move. His latest task is helping Hoffman throw a birthday party for his mother at the bar.

In Hollywood, Dex is meeting with someone in the “biz.” Said someone in the biz seems hella shady, though. The meeting doesn’t go well because she can’t get her hands on the shooting script. Grey is going to help her sneak onto a set, which I am sure won’t be easy. He then asks her about why she’s being all sneaky sneaky, and Dex reveals the letter she’s been hiding might help her find her parents. Oh dang.

Extra, extra, extra!

Grey’s big idea is to get Dex cast as an extra. Easy peasy. She does manage to get on set, but stealing the script is proving to be difficult. Instead, she’s running lines with an actor. While she’s acting it up, Grey goes to check out the car. Turns out, it’s the one from his childhood! I guess we’re getting some stories regarding both Grey and Dex’s parents.

And Dex manages to snatch the script with buffalo wings! She contacts her client that the script aligns closely with hers. 

Back in Portland, Tookie is ignoring Grey’s orders to not throw a party at Bad Alibi. Yolo, I guess. Hoffman’s mother’s party is in full swing. During the party, we briefly meet Tookie’s wife. Hopefully we get more of a story there.

NOT running away….yet

Grey comes back to their airbnb in a huff and wanting to leave right away. She talks him into staying and seeing his dad. I am sensing some angst coming up. 

The movie is in hot waters when Dex confronts the man she met with about stealing from her client. Lay down the law! For Grey, it’s time to confront his past and visit his father. A young boy answers the door, a half brother, it would seem. Catching up proves to be a tad awkward, and Grey tells his father, basically, that he sucked as a dad. Poor Grey!

Apparently, Tookie rules last night a success. That is until Ansel comes to him telling him that gun Grey he kept in his office was stolen, and it was worth A LOT. Uh oh. He goes to Hoffman for help finding the stolen item. Turns out, Grey put the gun under lock and key. Case closed!

Revisiting the past

As Dex and Grey are revisiting their past, a fire ball comes soaring through the living room window. I guess things could get worse, Grey. While Grey wants to leave L.A., Dex is adamant about getting justice for her client. This involves Grey going undercover as an extra, but quickly quits when a makeup artist wants to shave his beard.

Woah…the actor pulls a gun on Dex because he can’t lose this acting job. Boy, you need to calm down. Thankfully, Grey calls the cop on the actor and is arrested. 

Now it’s Dex’s turn to come face-to-face with her past. However, her aunt, I believe, seems to have Alzheimers and isn’t able to give Dex answers regarding her parents. So sad. However, Dex gets some good news that the case she was working on was a success for her and her client.

More Stumptown musings

  • Dex is literally me in traffic. Plus, L.A. traffic is on a whole other level.
  • Man, now I really want to book a trip to California!
  • I like that we’re getting more of a look into Dex parents — I need to know why her parents just up and left Ansel and her.
  • Grey and Dex are both lost souls, and I just need them to admit that they love each other. Okay? Okay.
  • So glad this episode gave us the best duos: Grey/Dex AND Tookie/Ansel.
  • Don’t touch the beard!
  • Dex and Grey’s talk on the beach…awe, he ended up buying the car after all!

The promo for the next episode!!! OMG! What did you think of this Stumptown episode? Comment below or tweet us!

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