‘The Good Doctor’ 3×15 recap: “Unsaid”

Tension everywhere

The Good Doctor recap: Season 3, Episode 15, “Unsaid,” aired Feb. 17, 2020.

Last week’s The Good Doctor juggled a few issues during the hour duration of the show. Will this week be less dramatic? Probably not, but we can hope. Let’s see what transpires this week!

The perfect breakfast

The episode kicks off with Shaun making Carly breakfast where she says she’s fine with him and Lea being pals. Park, Claire, Morgan and Shaun are together when Melendez goes in to apologize for the complaint against him playing favorites. Hmmm. Whoever complained should out themselves because I wanna know. I think we know, though.

Lim, Morgan and Shaun are dealing with a patient who is a mute. Lim suggests a surgery that will help him breathe without a tube. 

Claire, Park and Melendez’s patient this week was attacked by a dog. Claire asks Park who he thinks complained about Melendez, but he seems to be blowing off the conversation. Ope! It was Park that went to Lim about it. Apparently, he did it to protect her and not to be a whiner. That was quite unexpected, but I also kind of sensed that.

No favorites here

I don’t want Claire and Park to be at odds — they’re my favorite duo! In surgery, we see Morgan struggling, and Lim replaces her with Shaun. Morgan needs to accept that her arthritis is bothering her. Lim telling Morgan to shut up while giving Shaun advice about his relationship was EVERYTHING. Lim is the best.

Melendez decides to end his working out with Claire. She tells him that he’s been helping her through her problems and that the rumors of men/women friendships are bogus. Agreed, Claire, agreed. 

Claire and Park’s patient’s arm seems to have gone completely numb, as she’s not feeling anything where she was attacked by the dog. Uh oh.

Let’s chat

Lea sits down to chat with Shaun, and he tells her what Morgan said about her indirect communication. Did I just catch her calling Morgan a beyotch? hahahah. Back at work, Lim proposes another surgery for the young patient, but the parents are not on board. However, the young boy would like to be able to communicate with his classmates more.

Carly and Lea end up in the elevator together, and Lea asks if she’s okay with Shaun and her friendship. Apparently, she is totes okay with it. Speaking of tension, Lim has a problem with Melendez going against everything she does. There’s so much tension in this episode, yeeeessshhh. 

PDA experiment

Carly decides to conduct an experiment with PDA in the bar where they run into Lea. Oh gosh, the four of them hanging out together is awkward. Until they end up all doing karaoke to “Super Bass.” That looks fun, but yeah, I would NEVER do that. The camera zooms to Carly when Lea and Shaun are singing together, and she looks none too happy.

Morgan and Shaun’s patient will soon start to speak. Awe. 

Claire finds Melendez in a bar, and she says they can be friends still. She tells him that he’s not being himself, but he doesn’t agree. Melendez, however, has a change of heart and decides to have dinner with Claire. Friendship!

Uhhhh. Morgan did file the complaint? Why did Park take the fall for that? I am confused. I’m also confused because Carly is breaking up with Shaun. She tells him that he actually loves Lea and not her. Um — excuse me?! What is happening here?

More The Good Doctor musings

  • Scenes with all four of the residents are my favorite, and I am sad we don’t get to see it often. They should all go to a bar together!
  • Communicating indirectly…haha, yes. 
  • I am loving how popular Park is with the nurses. Donuts really are the key to winning someone over.
  • There is tension everywhere with Melendez, Park and Claire.
  • I am not happy with the end of Shaun and Carly’s relationship. 

This episode was chalk full of friendship and relationship troubles. What did you think of this  episode of The Good Doctor? Sound off below or tweet us!

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