‘Manifest’ 2×07 recap: “Emergency Exit”

One word: Devastated!

Manifest recap: Season 2, Episode 7, “Emergency Exit,” aired Feb. 17, 2020.

Last week on Manifest, we left off with a hella suspicious calling. This episode, you guys might need to sit down because you are in for a wild ride. And kind of a sad one. Let’s dig in!

Hey hey vacay

We start the episode with TJ preparing for his trip with his mother. Ben is also tweaking about his latest calling by lifting some weights. Maybe I should take a page from his book and work out instead of eating junk food when I’m tweaking. Grace and Ben are peeved at Olive after ditching school, and she wants to quit school and file for emancipation. Okay, Olive, you are way too angsty.

Michaela decides to tell Zeke she found pills in his razor. He’s visibly hurt by her accusations and assures her that the pills were not his. Poor guy. At the hospital, Saanvi’s dad comes to visit her at work and wants to know what’s going on with her. 

Work blues

Wow, Jared and Michaela being somewhat civil? This is newsworthy! I honestly still don’t know whether to trust Jared or not. Is he or is he not undercover? Because that phone call seemed pretty damning. Michaela received a call from Isiah, who was attacked at the Church of Believers a couple episodes ago, wanting to talk with her.

We finally meet Alex, who was the woman Saanvi was supposed to go on the trip with all those years ago. Alex calling what they had together a fling is pretty cold. Poor Saanvi. Can she ever get a break? However, she needs Alex’s help with all this sciencey stuff.

Even TJ is siding with Ben on Adrian being cray cray. Um, yeah. Desperate times call for desperate measures because Ben decides to go out for a drink with Adrian. (Apparently he wasn’t the one texting Ben back, though…) Speaking of parties, Zeke, Grace and Cal have some weird calling with some club music pounding in the background. Interesting. 

Turn up

Ah, so the poisoned bottles of alcohol are being poured at this club where, of course, the dude from the Church of Believers is tending bar. Suffice to say, this is probably not going to go well. Ben is also at the club…and Bethany, the flight attendant, and more and more 828ers. Very peculiar, if I do say so myself. Also, that music is a bunch of racket. Play some Taylor Swift.

As Grace is talking to Jared about her calling, Zeke arrives. Yeah, I would definitely trust Zeke over Jared ANY DAY. Adrian’s right-hand man seems to be the reason as to why everyone from Flight 828 is here. Low and behold, the calling from last episode brought Mic, Ben and crew to the club to “Save the Passengers.” The champagne Isiah is pouring the passengers is knocking them out cold. Ope. Not good.

As if the night couldn’t get any worse, the club is about to be ablaze and everyone is locked inside. Chaos, chaos everywhere. Zeke, Grace and Cal arrive on the scene, and Zeke goes in to help Michaela save Bethany. Oh my goodness. There is fire everywhere! Get out!

Deep breathes, everyone

Somehow, Jared is there, too, and he helps Mic, Zeke and Bethany to get out of the building. Well, I think Jared might be in my good graces now. Meanwhile, Isiah is going crazy and Ben rushes Olive out of the burning building, leaving TJ behind with Isiah. This isn’t good! Thankfully, Zeke and Mic make it out okay, as does Ben and Olive. WHAT THE EFF. Did they just kill off TJ? No freaking way — that is NOT okay. 

After Saanvi collapses, she wakes up to come to the conclusion that she may have found a cure to the callings. As she’s tending to Zeke, she examines him, and he doesn’t have burns. They’re frostbite. What the heck is happening? I am not okay, people.

Uh oh. Michaela just found out that Jared was poking into her case files. In other news, Zeke tells Michaela that he loves her! Awww. This is the kind of content I want. And she says it back! Okay, can we agree to stop the angst with these two and let them be happy? Please?

More Manifest musings

  • Jared trying to break into Michaela’s computer…Talk about an invasion of privacy.
  • I love when Michaela talks about her wild days during her teenage years. LOL.
  • For the record, and to keep you all updated, I am still #TeamZeke.
  • Yeah, Isiah is shady as hell. What is this guy’s problem? 
  • I didn’t expect them to kill TJ off. I am so sad — that was just so rude.
  • That ending scene with Ben? Uh, I am going to need some sort of explanation there.
  • How dare you, Manifest?
  • Someone help me form an opinion about Jared because I just don’t know anymore.

So, that was quite the thrilling, albeit, devastating, episode of Manifest. I didn’t see any of that coming, and I am sad. What did you think of the episode? Sound off below or tweet us!

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