‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ 7×03 recap: “Pimemento”

Pimento’s back, and we finally know who Kelly is!

Brooklyn Nine-Nine 7×03 “Pimemento” aired February 13, 2020.

This week’s episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine saw the return of one of our favorite recurring guest stars, Adrian Pimento! And he took us on another crazy ride. Plus, the very important question of “is Kelly Scully’s wife or dog?!” was finally answered… with a twist!

Let’s see everything that went down in Brooklyn Nine-Nine 7×03:

Pimento is back… with “Memento disease”?!

Whenever Pimento shows up, crazy things happen. This time, he thinks someone is trying to murder him. Classic Pimento, you might think? Well, maybe, but there’s a twist.

Indeed, while Jake and Charles question him to learn more about what’s going on, Pimento suddenly seems to forget where he is and what he’s doing here. This brings Jake to realize something. He has Memento disease” — like in the movie.

Or, like Charles and Pimento call it, he has “Dory disease”, in reference to Finding Dory. This hypothesis is soon confirmed by Pimento’s doctor, who tells them that his amnesia is probably what causes him to think someone wants to kill him.

The next day, though, he comes back with a bullet wound in his shoulder.

The case is hard to solve with Pimento’s memory resetting all the time. He has tattoos on his body, which Jake thinks might be clues, but they turn out to be useless information. Or so they think. Because when they lose sight of Pimento and find his tattoo artist, Jake and Charles learn that the “D” in his “Don’t trust your D” tattoo actually means “Doctor”.

They realize then that Pimento’s doctor is the one who’s been trying to kill him and that he gave Pimento meds to make him lose his memory. All because his wife hired Pimento to know if he was cheating on her, and he didn’t want Pimento to tell her that he indeed was.

Jake and Charles find Pimento on a window ledge after he escaped from his doctor’s office and his memory reset again. They manage to bring him back inside safely, though, and all ends well — now that he’s off his meds, he quickly recovers his full memory.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine 7×01
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“Mischief Managed”

Last week, we learned that Jake and Amy are ready to start trying for a baby. Well, in Brooklyn Nine-Nine 7×03, they already started. And if they told Rosa about it, they haven’t told Charles yet.

Which makes sense — we all know how Charles can be around Jake and Amy, especially when there’s a baby involved.

Still, Charles is Jake’s best friend, so it’s hard for him not to say anything. Plus, Jake is very excited about the idea of becoming a dad and wants to share the news with someone. That’s why he tells Pimento after he receives a call from Amy.

After all, Pimento’s memory keeps resetting, so Jake is sure he won’t tell anyone else, because he won’t remember.

Unfortunately for him, Pimento doesn’t forget about the news and lets it slip in front of Charles. Of course, Charles isn’t pleased with the idea that Jake, his best friend, didn’t tell him about this future baby. Even more so when Jake confesses that Pimento isn’t the only person who knows. Rosa does too.

Jake tries to defend himself by telling Charles he can be a bit much sometimes, which Charles is quick to illustrate with his (over)reaction. Their fight has to be put on hold when they lose sight of Pimento, though. It’s only when they’re standing on the window ledge that they get to talk about it again. Charles tells Jake that he’s not only sad that he didn’t know about he and Amy trying but also because they don’t hang out anymore.

Jake then reveals that he’s not hanging out with him because he knows he would have told him about the baby right away otherwise, and they make up.

Now, I just need to see them paint pottery together.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine 7×03
Eddy Chen/NBC

Kelly is… 

While Jake and Charles are working on the Pimento case, Terry has some bad news for the rest of the squad: they have to do their annual seminar on workplace conflict. Even Amy hates this seminar, which means that it must be a very boring one. Unfortunately, this seminar is mandatory.

But Amy has the solution: she managed to find a copy of last year’s presentation and plans on learning everything about it so that they can answer the questions right away and finish the seminar as soon as possible. It works, at first — Brad, the man in charge, tells them that he never finished this seminar so quickly with any other group. The squad thinks it means they’ll be good to go, but not at all. They are forced to stay for two more hours.

Brad decides to use this extra time to talk about real conflicts between the squad. And if at first, they claim there’s no beef between them, they’re quick to list the things about each other that drives them crazy.

This is when Scully lets it slip. Hitchcock slept with his wife… Kelly! So Kelly was the wife and not the dog?!

Well, not really. Because then, while everyone is still arguing, Scully reveals that Kelly was also his dog. There were two Kelly’s! Quite a plot-twist, right?!

These revelations don’t help to ease the heavy atmosphere weighing upon the Nine-Nine, though. It’s only when Rosa calls her coworkers out and reveals that she did read the document Amy made them read that things eventually get better between everyone.

They’re a team, after all!

Some more thoughts

  • This week’s cold-open was a nice throwback to another cold-open from a past season, where Jake also pranked Hitchcock — and it went wrong too.
  • Jake was so happy to finally share with someone that he and Amy are trying for a baby! He’s going to make the best dad ever!
  • The friendships in this show are so pure and so heartwarming, I can never pick a favorite.
  • Jake making Harry Potter references during sex with Amy because what they’re doing is “magical”… he really came a long way from the guy who only read these books because Amy loves them so much!

And you, what did you think of Brooklyn Nine-Nine 7×03? Hit the comments and let us know!


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