‘Single Parents’ 2×15 recap: “Chez Second Grade”

Time to celebrate Valentine’s Day!

Single Parents 2×15 “Chez Second Grade” aired February 12, 2020.

It’s Valentine’s Day at Hillhop! For the occasion, the kids have turned their school into a “restaurant” for the night. And, well… let’s just say that not everything goes according to plan.

Also, fans of The Bachelorette will be happy to see a familiar face in this episode: Tyler Cameron!

Let’s see what exactly happened in Single Parents 2×15:

Will and Angie are back!

Single Parents 2×15
ABC/Gilles Mingasson

Now that Tracy broke up with him, Will can hang out with Angie again. That’s why he signed her up to help run the student-parent dinner happening at Hilltop. So that they can catch up.

Angie isn’t too pleased with the idea of spending the night with the other parents. Especially one of them: Colin, a new single dad who always acts awkwardly around her.

But as it turns out, she is the awkward one. Because she likes him.

Will offers Angie to talk to him for her, but she refuses. He still goes, though, and tells Colin that Angie was trying to flirt with him. That’s when Colin admits that he finds her “fetching”.

Angie gets mad at Will for talking to Colin when she told him not to, then confronts him about how he wasn’t there for her lately — especially when she had to deal with Derek and lean on Douglas for support. They have a fight and Angie leaves to get some air. There, she finds Colin and the two of them finally have a normal conversation. He shares all the nice things Will said about her, which pushes Angie to go back inside and help her friend.

Now that they’re a team again, they manage to put together an amazing dinner, and all is well until Colin interrupts them to take Angie on a date. Will watches them go, with a look on his face that can only mean one thing: he likes Angie. I’m here for all the pining!

Colin and Will aren’t the only ones who are into Angie, though, because after she leaves, Danny — the guy who delivers the circulars, played by Tyler Cameron — arrives with some roses for her. But it’s too late. She already left with someone else.

Is the passion gone between Douglas and Poppy?

Single Parents 2×15
ABC/Raymond Liu

Will and Angie aren’t the only ones having issues in their relationship. Indeed, Douglas and Poppy’s first Valentine’s Day together isn’t going too well.

Everything starts with an unexpected visit from Big Red at Douglas’ work, who needs a skin check. She can somehow tell he’s in a relationship and, when he offers to refer her to other dermatologists, she thinks it’s because Poppy will get jealous. Douglas assures her that she won’t but Big Red tells him that if she’s truly in love, she will be.

But, when Douglas tells Poppy about his encounter with Big Red — and how she took her clothes off in front of him — Poppy doesn’t get jealous at all. Which makes Douglas wonder if she’s still in love with him. He asks Graham for advice, who confirms his fears: Poppy has lost her passion and their relationship is dead.

When he confronts her about it, Poppy tells Douglas that it’s sad if the only way he can tell she cares about him is by getting jealous over another woman. They argue and he leaves, leaving Poppy alone at their table. So much for a romantic night… 

They do make up, though, when Poppy goes to Douglas’ house and he apologizes for his behavior. They make plans for the rest of the night and everything is back to normal between them. They’re still very much in love with each other.

That’s when Big Red shows up at Douglas’ door. She says she’s here because of a “mole thing”. Poppy doesn’t seem to mind at first and almost lets her in, before she changes her mind and tells her to go away — it’s Valentine’s Day, and she and Douglas have other plans than to have her here with them.

The name of the game is TIPS!

Single Parents 2×15
ABC/Gilles Mingasson

While the adults deal with their own problems, the kids are here to take care of this Valentine’s Day dinner at their school.

They all have a role to play in it. Rory is in charge of the whole thing, while Graham is acting as the bartender, Sophie plays some music and the twins are in the kitchen. They do that to raise some money by asking for tips.

If Rory, Sophie and Graham seem to manage to make things work without too many issues, nothing goes according to plan in the kitchen. The kids’ teacher is sick, so Miggy has to replace her. But he is sick as well, so he’s of no real help at all — quite the opposite.

This cute idea of a students-parents dinner is quick to turn into a disaster, until Will and Angie finally take over. The night is then a success, with a lot of tips for the kids. Even though Rory takes most of them in the end (or, at least, most of Graham’s).

Some more thoughts

  • Will thinks a guy is out of his league, Poppy had a girlfriend in college… nobody seems to be straight in this show and I am here for it!
  • Graham as a bartender was hilarious. These kids will never cease to amaze me. They really are so talented.
  • “The coats have disappeared.” It’s always a pleasure to have Louisa in an episode, even to just deliver one line.
  • The slowburn between Will and Angie is going to kill me! I’m glad they’re back, though. I missed their duo.

And you, what did you think of Single Parents 2×15? Hit the comments and let us know!


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