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‘Legends of Tomorrow’ recap: 5×04 “Slay Anything”

This week our Legends went to prom! Nothing says prom like serial killers and high school reunions. My 80’s slasher film heart could not handle this episode. Let’s check out the top moments of this week. Also as a sidebar, Zari is amazing! Here we go!



It is important to note that we all love Ava. Did we think it was possible to love her anymore? Apparently we can. Ava Sharpe has a podcast about serial killers called “StabCast.” You’re welcome. This podcast turns out to be real handy this episode. 

  • Freddy Meyers, Michael Myers shout out, is a serial who died via electric chair in the future. His Mother watched him die.
  • In 2004 Central City has a high school reunion and Freddy Meyers shows up there and starts killing his old classmates.
  • The Legends travel back to 1989 to see if they can reform Freddy before he commits his first murder.

Ava, Sara, and Rory are in 2004, at the reunion, which coincidentally is also Rory’s old high school. Ray, Nate and Nora, travel to 1989 to attempt the reform. I know what you are thinking, “Wait did you say Nora?” Yes, I did! Our favorite fairy Godmother is back!

Fairy Godmother Problems


Nora gets assigned Baby Meyers. That’s right our Nora is the psycho’s Fairy Godmother. In 1989 the most popular girl in school asks Freddy to Prom one day before. (Yes, they are calling out every single popular/nerd romance arc.) Only Nate and Ray see that play from a mile away. The cool kids are trying to play a prank on him. 

Nora gets called into Freddy’s room on the big day. He is about to ask for his first wish. What does he ask for? Murder? Payback on the bullies? No. He asks for a nice suit. Wait is our Freddy a nice guy? Nora is shocked and grants his wish. His next wish is… A weapon. Nope. He asks for a limo to arrive in for his date. Aww. 

Nora is really confused. He doesn’t seem to have any of the villain characteristics. Meanwhile back in 2004 he is murdering up the place. Bodies are dropping left and right. Why haven’t Sara and Ava been able to stop him. Last week Bugsy had a magic gun. This week Freddy has telekinesis. 

John, Charlie, Zari and Gary 


What have John and Gary been up to? John takes Gary back to his old home in the UK. John has to talk to an angry spirit, that he sealed away in his house. It turns out the angry spirit is Astra’s dead Mother. So you know they are going to have a violent chat. We don’t get to see her yet. Our two mystics find an unexpected house guest when they arrive.

  1. Charlie is walking around as John. 
  2. She has been crashing at his house and partying for a while. 
  3. When Constantine was drunk he told her all about his house.

I am so happy Charlie is back. We deserve Charlie and Zari content. John is avoiding talking to the spirit. Charlie tells him to get over his sh*t and talk to her. Constantine gathers his courage and his drink and unseals the room!

Meanwhile Zari is locked on the Waverider. Behrad won’t let her out. Nate is hoping being there will bring something back to Zari. Does it? When Zari touches the computer to check her social media she gets a flash of being a tech genius on the Waverider. Thank goodness. There is a chance we can get out Zari back! She unlocks the door. 

Final Girls Status


Our slasher film is dwindling down. Turns out the popular girl ended up liking Freddy, so she moved him out of the way of the prank. The bully still pushed him, but instead of wishing anything, Freddy just ran out. We find our little guy crying in the hallway. Nora comes in for the touchy feels chat.

He gives her a hug. Nora looks at him and says,

“Being yourself is the most magical thing you can do.”

So many feels. She asks him if he had one final wish to show the world who he is what would it be? Back in murderville, Ava and Sara are whooping the serial killers ass. The killer knocks Sara out. It’s just Ava left. She is the final girl! She wins the battle-duh. Sara awakens and the killer’s mask falls off. Every single person who loves horror films knew this was going to happen. It was Freddy’s Mom! She was the killer the whole time. 

Our Freddy was innocent! We can love him. Yay! Freddy’s wish to Nora is the dance with backup dancers to show everyone at the dance how cool he really is. It worked! Our Legends all regroup at 1989 prom. Que the adorable montage of Prom memories. Especially our final girls and DarhkAtom dancing together. 

Oh, the cuteness! What did you think of the Prom episode? Did you love it? We can’t wait to find out what happens to John next week!

Legends of Tomorrow airs Tuesday night, 9pm. 




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