‘Stumptown’ 1×14 recap: “Til Dex Do Us Part”

Where's Taylor Swift when you need her?

Stumptown recap: Season 1, Episode 14, “Til Dex Do Us Part,” aired Feb. 12, 2020.

Are you ready for more antics that only Dex and Stumptown can provide? Will there be a wedding to be crashed? Will Dex actually get a tattoo? I guess you’ll have to read on to find out. Let’s dig into the latest episode!

Food for all

Let’s be clear all, Grey and Tookie are NOT business partners. As Dex is on the phone, Tookie comes running into the bar yelling, “FIRE,” and this is why he’s the best part of this show. His overdramatic attitude is everything.

Stumptown is in the business of weddings. Well, at least Dex is this episode. She’s going to be digging up the dirt of a bride’s, Jenna, husband-to-be. In order to find out more, she heads to “Zack Knight’s” tattoo shop. 

Hoffman’s day is a little more low-key; he’s enjoying a meal with his parents. I like that we’re getting a glimpse into Hoffman’s personal life, especially the dynamics with his family.

Margaritas gone bad?

Tookie is so scandalized about how they make margaritas at Bad Alibi. Grey, however, isn’t seeing eye-to-eye with Tookie about using fresh ingredients because they go bad quickly. Cheap stuff it is!

Back at the tattoo parlor, Dex comes straight out and asks Zack if he’s a murderer. He confesses that he killed a former lover, but not in the way that you would expect. The woman had went out after a fight with Zack, and she died in an accident. Dex tells him about Benny’s death, about how she, too, could have prevented his death. Aw, Dex.

The driving lessons between Dex and Ansel continue, and Dex is STRESSED. It’s then that Jenna’s sister comes to Dex. The bride is marrying Zack no matter what. Something else odd happens, though, Dex brings up how Jenna was married before, but her sister is confused about the statement. Huh. Very interesting. 

Tookie and Grey showdown

Grey tells Tookie that he doesn’t want him at Bad Alibi helping out. That could have been handled A LOT better than it was. Come on, Grey, use your words better. Apparently, customers also want Tookie back at the bar. This show always makes me want a taco… Anyway, Ansel even comes to Grey with some financial stuff of sorts (idk I don’t understand math talk). Basically, Tookie was making Bad Alibi a happing bar.

Yay! Some one-on-one with Dex and Grey, finally. He comes to Dex to get some stuff off his chest. She’s still digging up information, but now about Jenna and her supposed previous relationship. Could she be the shady one after all?

Dex comes to Hoffman with her suspicions about Jenna. The car seems to be the one that was involved in Zack’s former lover’s accident. Oh gosh. This is turning out to sound out like Jenna is the suspect. 

I do…or do not

Weddings and murder — only on Stumptown. Dex is heading undercover at Jenna’s wedding to get her to confess to her crime. To do that, she barges into the wedding to get some answers. She drops the information that Jenna was there when Zack’s former lover died. Jenna ends up confessing that she was the one to kill her, and Zack ends up walking away from her at the altar. That poor man.

I guess Hoffman took Dex’s advice to heart, and he goes to apologize to his father. He still really wants Hoffman to work with him. At least he’s making amends. Meanwhile, Dex does end up going through with getting her tattoo, and Zack is really thankful towards her.

Grey heads to Tookie’s taco truck, but Tookie’s not feeling it. He even puts a sign out that he can refuse service. Oh my goodness — this is amazing. Thankfully, Grey is willing to work with Tookie again at the bar. “Why are you so weird?” I love this friendship/partnership so much. Ansel is also promoted to assistant manager at the bar. This trio makes me so happy.

More Stumptown musings

  • Tookie said Happy Beginning, and my mind right away went to OUAT. If you know, you know.
  • Dex only still has one business card, and I just lol.
  • Oh! I want to meet Tookie’s wife; I want to know what she’s like.
  • Tookie and Grey together is something I didn’t know I needed. 
  • Looks like Dex needs a new phone screen. 
  • Everyone needs a Tookie in their life.
  • Honestly, I am so excited to see Tookie, Ansel and Grey all working together at the bar. I can only imagine how that will be.

I felt like Taylor Swift’s “Speak Now” should have played at least ONCE during this episode. You can’t crash a wedding without it! What did you think of this episode? Sound off below or tweet us!

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