‘Manifest’ 2×06 recap: “Return Trip”

Manifest recap: Season 2, Episode 6, “Return Trip,” aired Feb. 10, 2020.

Last episode, we left off with everyone screaming at their TV because of all the betrayal. Or maybe that was just me screaming at my TV. Either way, we’re in for another intense episode. Let’s see what happens this week on Manifest!

Couples and more couples

We start with a flashback to Zeke and his wife, Courtney, whom he brought a pill to. They also decided to get married. Back in the present, they’re attending a recovery meeting together. Michaela discloses to Ben that Zeke and Courtney are no longer together or ever legally married. Well, I guess that’s a relief. I’m still not happy about this angst, but whatever.

On the topic of couples, Jared is getting his hair cut by his new gal pal, whose name I don’t remember nor care to learn, if we’re being honest. Olive and TJ end up getting kicked out of the Church of the Believers by Adrian. Hopefully it’ll be out of her system now.

As Ben’s talking to Grace, he gets transported back onto the plane. Michaela is acting very weird, and he ends up calling after Saanvi. Seems like she might be in trouble. 

Well, crap

Ben and Michaela find Saanvi out cold. He’s none too happy that Saanvi has been testing on herself. Apparently, in the calling Ben had, Saanvi was trying to get him to help a little boy. Investigative Ben sets out to find out who the heck the little boy is, which proves to be a grown man, Finn, that was on the flight…It’s confusing, I know. However, Saanvi and Ben figure out that his one-night stand on vacation may have resulted in a pregnancy. 

Michaela heads back to her apartment to see Courtney has been beaten by a dealer. She tells them she doesn’t have a choice but to work for the dealer. 

Meanwhile, TJ and Olive are also doing their own investigation on the tarot card she received years prior. They find out through their research that what they’re experiencing may have already happened. Olive decides to give TJ his own reading with the tarot cards.

Stronger together, heck yeah

Courtney tells Michaela that Zeke’s recovery is all because of Michaela. Aww. Zeke decides that he’s going to meet with the dealer that’s giving Courtney trouble. As he starts to leave, Michaela has a calling that basically tells her she has to go with Zeke. Time to catch some bad guys!

Michaela and Zeke have gotten themselves in quite the pickle. In order to gain the dealer’s trust, he asks Michaela to shoot up. Not good. Michaela ends up stirring up some drama, and they thankfully avoid having to do anything. Until one of the dealer’s men outs Michaela as being a cop. Oh, come on. Phew, Michaela’s partner ends up saving the day.

Ben and Saanvi tell Finn that he has a son, but surprise, she was married when they slept together. Poor guy. He does end up meeting his son briefly, and Saanvi insists they bring the son to the hospital asap to save him. 

Saving the day

Oh, there’s Jared. His new bar buddies warn him to stay away because they found out he was in a relationship with Michaela. However, Jared tells him that Michaela basically destroyed his life, and bro, really? I guess that was enough to get back in the good graces of his dirtbag friends. So, is he undercover or is he really that freaking stupid? I just don’t know.

It’s revealed that Courtney has moved into a sober house. Meanwhile, Grace tells Ben that they should tell everyone that the baby is Danny’s. Oh wow. That’s not a great idea, Grace.

Saanvi, stop testing on yourself! Michaela and Saanvi are both too selfless for their own good. Uh oh…Michaela found pills hidden in Zeke’s razor. It’s then that her, Ben and Saanvi both experience ash falling onto them. Uhhhh. They’re transported back onto 828 where they find some passengers dead, and Adrian looking on? What in the what?!

More Manifest musings

  • Wow, Michaela’s Captain is such a jerk face. 
  • Can I have Olive’s outfit?
  • I’m pretty sure Ben missed his calling to become an investigative journalist.
  • Okay, Olive and TJ’s little flirtationship is the cutest.
  • Blaming Michaela for destroying your marriage? Dude, it takes two to tango, but okay.
  • Ben tracking Olive and TJ’s phone is literally the best.
  • The date TJ set up is super cute, but I wonder what Ben will think of this relationship.

This episode of Manifest was a lot calmer, up until the end, obviously. I’m really confused — super confused, actually. What did you think of the episode? Sound off below or tweet us your thoughts!

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