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Katy Keene 1×01, Season 1, Episode 1, “Chapter One: “Once Upon a Time in New York,” Aired February 6th, 2020.

Although Katy Keene is the spin-off to parent show, Riverdale, the series couldn’t be further away from the cults and serial killers that Archie, Betty, Veronica and Jughead have to deal with, and focuses much more on the fashion Capital of the world.

In the Archie comics, Katy Keene has always been the most fashionable creation, with her petite, doll-like clothing, this brings a whole new bright aesthetic to the gloom and doom we have all become so accustomed to.

Katy Keene stays close to it’s main source including; Katy’s red-toned wardrobe, heart appliqués, and her aspiration to be a fashion designer. 

Here I present to you, all of the reasons to watch and fall in love with Katy Keene, Chapter One: Once Upon a Time in New York:

Katy Keene

It is only right to talk about the star of the show first off, right? Lucy Hale plays the bubbly Katy Keene, who happens to always know what to say and do for every situation – it’s pretty impossible not to love her! 

We got our first introduction to Katy in the latest episode of Riverdale, in which she is still a teenager, making her dreams happen. Her mom had recently fallen very sick and she had made things official with her now-boyfriend, KO. However, in the glorious, fairy-tale like spin-off, there has been a 5 year time jump, showing Katy as a young adult, living her best life with a job she adores and friends she can’t get enough of. Her and KO are still happily together, but unfortunately, Mommy Keene is no longer with us. 

Katy has to be one of the admirable TV characters out right now, with her passion to continue her mother’s legacy, a passion for fashion and a hard work ethic. Lacy’s and her boss, Gloria, couldn’t really be any more lucky to have a team player like Katy, and yet, she is still under appreciated.

With talent like Katy’s, she could easily quit her job and start building her own fashion empire, however, she allows Gloria to hold her back and after Katy successfully lends a helping hand to their recent client; a Prince and his new girlfriend – Gloria failing to please them first and foremost – the jealousy is inexplicable.

Being threatened by a 22-year-old is quite the petty situation, especially when already being so successful, so to sabotage a young woman’s life is unforgivable. Gloria does not have a place in our hearts, nor will she ever, if the first episode is anything to go by.

Not only is Katy now taking new steps in her career, but KO is also asking for quite a big change from her, revolving around his own career. After being accepted to train at a gym in Philadelphia, Katy couldn’t have been more of a supportive girlfriend, demanding he go and pursue the career he’s always wanted – the two can go long distant.

KO seems to have other plans though and let’s just say, I didn’t really bond with him throughout this episode anyway. He just doesn’t seem like the right fit for Katy and his reasons to propose had my eye’s rolling to the back of my head. This man… we aren’t going to stan! Unless he straightens up, that is. He’s pretty easy on the eyes.

Josie McCoy is Back

Josie McCoy was without a doubt, the most wasted in Riverdale, therefore, this move to New York was well-deserved and what better greeting than moving in with Katy Keene and her just as incredible friends?

While Josie seems to be getting all the luck in the world, baring in mind, she moved in with Katy not even a full day ago, things definitely don’t turn out as her new music agent had made her believe. During a busking session in Washington Square Park, Josie is spotted by Alexander Cabot – who she later finds out is a billionaire in the vein of the Rockefellors and Astors. 

Alex’ excitement towards Josie’s music, immediately has her hopes up and after laying out his plans to Josie and Katy, including creating her debut album – New York was seriously taking to the former Pussycat star. However, life isn’t as it seems and when the two of them present Josie’s music to the Cabot board, every single person passes, including Alexander’s sister – Alexandra.

The sister is most definitely a character we need to be keeping our eyes on, as although she wasn’t loving Josie so much, she seems to have an agenda against her brother and exposes him on the spot. Turns out Josie is not the first woman to have had her hopes lifted by this gorgeous man and we could also now say she’s… slept with the enemy?

I don’t know how these two are going to work out, but I definitely believe there’s more to the story and rightly so, the connection between the two is strong and something tells me, although Alexander has done this more than a few times, he might be looking at Josie in a whole different light.

Drag Queens

In the most recent episode of Riverdale – Veronica and Katy have a small meet-up, in which Katy recommends a drag bar, however, it wasn’t revealed at the point, and is now the best surprise ever – Katy’s room-mate partakes in Drag, as the absolutely stunning, Ginger Lopez! 

Fun fact: Another version of Ginger briefly featured as a minor character in season one of Riverdale. She was a Vixen, however got kicked off of the squad when she refused to vote for either Cheryl or Veronica as cheer captain. 

Ginger is the alter-ego of the fabulous, Jorge – a queer man. We were treated to many different version’s of Ginger throughout the first episode and I can’t wait to see what else she has in store for us throughout the entirety of season one. You get your name in lights, girlfriend!

A Friendship We Only Wish We Had

Josie is extremely new on the scene, but Katy, Jorge and Pepper took her in like she had been a part of their lives forever, already making me green with envy at what a wonderful friendship this is going to be to witness.

The level of support they have for one another is admirable and had me smiling to myself more than one throughout the pilot. After Katy, Josie and Jorge had down-falls, the four came together to figure out the next steps on how they can finally prove everybody wrong and be the best and biggest they can possibly be.

I didn’t really connect with Pepper as well as the others, but I think that comes down to the story-line this time round focusing on the other three. She seems like she could be a great character, when given the chance, and I can’t wait to see a glimpse in to her life later on down the line. 

I definitely already have a high level of adoration for Jorge, aka Ginger, as he goes through a lot of discrimination in just his first introduction to us all. In the beginning, he expresses how much of a dream it would be to be cast in the musical Broadway production of ‘Mannequin’, in which we see him dance his little socks off, only to be told he doesn’t look ‘tough enough’. Seriously? This is Broadway for goodness sake. 

Katy Keene to the rescue once again, convinces him to audition as Ginger and creates the most gorgeous leotard for her. She nails it once again, only for the casting director to realize the person behind Ginger is Jorge, someone he has already cut. The discrimination this director displays towards Jorge/Ginger had my blood boiling and I wanted to join Katy and Josie in their applauding when Ginger stood up for herself and told the director that he will one day know the name Ginger Lopez. Bravo, you absolute Queen!

In conclusion, Katy Keene is the most wonderful, up-beat, Sex and the City-esque show out right now and it is a must watch! From the fashion references, the iconic one-liners, to the Drag Queens, this is a show everybody needs in their life and it can only bring people happiness. 

What did you think of the pilot episode for Katy Keene?

Katy Keene airs Thursdays on The CW.  


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