‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ season 7 premiere recap: “Manhunter” and “Captain Kim”

The Nine-Nine is back… with some new faces among the squad!

Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 7 premiere: 7×01 “Manhunter” and 7×02 “Captain Kim” aired February 6, 2020.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is back after a long hiatus with not only one, but two back-to-back episodes for us fans to enjoy! This new season starts right where the season 6 cliffhanger left us — with Captain Holt being recently demoted. And of course, this demotion brings its fair share of changes, including new dynamics between our favorite characters… as well as the apparition of some new faces!

Let’s see what went down in the Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 7 premiere:

Officer Dad

The Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 7 premiere focuses mainly on Jake and Holt, as well as Holt’s reaction regarding his demotion for a year. And needless to say, he doesn’t take it well.

First, while a criminal is on the loose after trying to kill a councilman, Jake and Holt have a hard time adjusting to their new dynamic, with Jake as the new boss. Even if he’s in charge, Jake lets Holt join the investigation, but Holt is quick to overstep. He even steals Jake’s (amazing) Monopoly joke during a statement to the press.

Things get even more complicated when Jake and Charles think they caught the criminal but Holt tells them they have the wrong guy. Jake takes Holt off the case, but he can’t stop thinking about what his ex-boss said.

Which is a good thing because as it turns out, Holt was right.

The real criminal gets arrested and, after that, Holt apologizes to Jake in a very sweet scene. All is well again between the two.

So well even that, when a new captain arrives at the Nine-Nine in the second episode and invites everyone to a house party, Holt and Jake team up to show the rest of the squad that she’s too good to be true. Amy tries to prevent them from doing so but they manage to distract her by introducing her to another fan of binders.

Unfortunately, in his attempt to find Captain Kim’s secrets, Jake releases her dog, who terrifies everyone. He and Holt then have to come clean about their intentions, and Captain Kim reveals why she wanted to work at the Nine-Nine: because Holt is her hero.

Well… at least, it was hilarious to see Jake and Holt team up this way?!

Some new faces

Brooklyn Nine-Nine 7x02
John P. Fleenor/NBC

Both 7×01 and 7×02 introduced us to some new faces: Debbie Fogel and Captain Kim. 

Debbie is Holt’s new partner, who’s mainly obsessed with an app that helps her count her steps — an obsession that eventually comes in handy when she and Holt go after the criminal even after Jake told Holt he was off the case. Indeed, it’s thanks to the app that the rest of the squad finds them after the criminal took them hostages. It’s also while she thought she might die that Debbie reveals the reason why she joined the NYPD in the first place: to avenge the murder of her twin sister.


All ends well though, and after the criminal is put behind bars, she and Holt have to go do her favorite task (which also happens to be a present for her birthday): to go pick up cones!

Then, it’s Captain Kim’s turn to join the Nine-Nine. Everyone thinks Wuntch is going to send someone horrible (we all remember the new captains they got in the past) but, much to their surprise, Captain Kim appears to be… very nice, with an amazing resume. And most of all, she doesn’t know Wuntch.

She requests individual interviews with each member of the squad to learn more about them and help them achieve their goals. Everyone seems to love her, except for Holt and Jake, who can’t help but be suspicious.

As it turns out, though, she is really good and isn’t hiding anything. What a relief! It’s a nice change from the previous captains that had to succeed to Holt in previous seasons. Unfortunately, she decides to leave the Nine-Nine after her disaster party, which means we probably won’t see more of her in the future.

Jake and Amy and… baby make three?!

Remember that conversation Jake and Amy had, back in season 6, about having kids? Well, we dive right back into this topic with the Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 7 premiere!

Indeed, while everyone else is focusing on arresting the person who tried to kill a councilman, Amy has her own problems to deal with. She thinks she might be pregnant. Great, right?! Well, not really.

Because this isn’t a planned pregnancy and, more importantly, she and Jake agreed they would wait another year before they start trying. Amy is stressing out but thankfully, Rosa is here to calm her down. She buys her several pregnancy tests and helps her when Amy tells her that she can’t pee. The Sleuth Sisters are back!

In the end, all of this was just a false alert and Amy isn’t pregnant. She tells Jake everything once they’re both in bed after another crazy day. And if at first, they both seem relieved by such an outcome, this pregnancy scare eventually makes them think… what if they were to start trying for a baby now?!

To quote our favorite Charles… “I love seeing these glimpses of domestic Peraltiago”! But also, a Peraltiago baby will soon be on its way!!! How COOL is that?!

A glimpse into the squad’s futures?

Brooklyn Nine-Nine 7x02
John P. Fleenor/NBC

If I didn’t already know that Brooklyn Nine-Nine has been renewed for an eighth season, I would have thought season 7 might be its last. Indeed, Captain Kim wasn’t only nice: she also offered Jake the dream job, as an NYPD liaison officer with the FBI.

Could it be a foreshadowing of where he is going to end up? Will we hear more about this offer in the future? Captain Kim might be gone, but it doesn’t mean the offer has to be too… It could also very well make Jake think about his career and what he wants to do next.

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see!

Plus, Charles was kind of offered a great opportunity too during the new captain’s party, when a person from Major Crimes offered him to join a poker game with Broadway stars… and celebrity chefs. We all know how much Charles loves food, and it wouldn’t be too much of a surprise if, by the end of the show, he decides to change paths and do something about this passion. He already tried something with his food truck in season 5, after all.

With Captain Kim gone, it also seems that Terry will have to take over while Holt is an officer. This could end with him showing he’s worthy of being a real captain too. So… could there be a lot of change coming at the Nine-Nine?!

Some more thoughts 

  • Can we keep Debbie forever? She’s absolutely hilarious!
  • The Weiner Warriors!!! What an entrance. Hitchcock and Scully truly never disappoint.
  • We got a “title of your sex tape” joke — and this joke is still not getting old!
  • Three different men really cheated on Karen… this woman deserves better.
  • We’re getting a Peraltiago baby!!! I’m never gonna get over this scene.
  • That dog scene in “Captain Kim” was the perfect parallel to the scene with Cheddar during “The Party” in season 1.

And you, what did you think of the Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 7 premiere? Hit the comments and let us know! And don’t forget to tune in on NBC every Thursday night at 8:30 pm Eastern for a new episode!


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