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‘The Flash’ recap: 6×10 “Marathon”

They thought the world was ending, now a new one has begun.

The Flash episode 6×10 “Marathon” aired 4 February 2020.

Welcome back, it’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, and it’s a new half-season on The Flash. What’s brewing in Central City? Not coffee that’s for sure. Jitters just can’t get a break.

Diggle joins the pep talk team

“Life is a marathon, not a sprint,” were the wise words spoken as Diggle and Barry went on a wild goose chase to Lian Yu. This was a running (ah, you got me there) theme in this episode. Everyone had been so charged up going into Crisis, thinking their days were numbered. Now that they’ve survived, they need to shift back into second gear, and save up for the long run.

the flash running

For Barry, this means not looking for a mystery or fight everywhere he goes. When Oliver leaves his OG mask in to Barry, the speedster thinks it is one last clue for him. This leads to some comedic interactions with poor Diggle, who was tasked with delivering the artifact, and who we know doesn’t handle speed well. Instead, the mask was just a reminder for Barry to fight to protect, not to fight.

A new threat

Leading us into The Flash‘s next big storyline is Iris and her CC Citizen crew. They have been digging into the organisation hiring metahumans as assassins, and linked it to yet another tech company (Central City is like Silicon Valley 2). Despite Cecile’s legal advice, Iris runs the story, which earns her a lawsuit from McCulloch tech.

She also incurs the wrath of Black Hole, the organisation. They send Dr Kimiyo Hoshi, the new Dr Light, to assassinate Iris. By the way, Hoshi’s outfit and style has such an anime feel to it.

Of course, Iris is a total badass and goes right to the middle of the conspiracy: the owner of McCulloch himself, forcing him to make Dr Light stand down. She also braves a couple of high intensity radioactive burns. No biggie.

badass iris the flash

Later that night, she returns to the company’s backrooms, having figured out a clue from her late source. She finds that the story of Eva McCulloch, the company’s late founder, might not be all it seems. She finds a seemingly abandoned workroom, but before she can investigate further, something from inside a mirror drags her in! Looks like the Mirror Master – or a Mirror Master – has returned!

Lost Worlds

Speaking of returning villains, Cisco has been working himself into the ground cataloging all the metavillains in this new, post-Crisis merged Earth. He takes his frustrations out on Nash, blaming the older man for killing dozens other Earths and döppelgangers (that’s a fair point, tbh.) Looks like our heroes aren’t aware of the multiverse eventually reforming…yet.

After a pep talk from Caitlin, he decides to move away from Central City for a while, but still work out the merged timeline and characters of Earth prime. Meanwhile, he elects Nash to stand in for him at Star Labs. This gives the adventurer the opportunity to get closer to Allegra, the doppelgänger of his former partner/questing apprentice/maybe daughter.

Is Cisco leaving The Flash? I sure hope not. Who else is gonna give metas their snazzy names and play Lady Gaga?

the flash don't go

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