‘Stumptown’ 1×13 recap: “The Dex Factor”

Stumptown recap: Season 1, Episode 13, “The Dex Factor,” aired Feb. 5, 2020.

After last episode of Stumptown, we learned that Dex was going undercover in Hoffman and Grey’s case. Heck yeah; this should be interesting. Let’s see what goes down!

Drivers Ed

Seems like Ansel wants to learn how to drive, but Dex seems too hesitant. Grey ends up being the one who was behind Ansel wanting to learn how to drive. Back in the interrogation room, Dex is getting ready to go undercover as “Crystal.” Hoffman isn’t taking to her sarcasm, but I am here for it.

It’s go-time: Dex and Grey go undercover together. The crew isn’t jumping on Dex’s offer to take the illegal load off them, though.  Meanwhile, Ansel calls Tookie in for reinforcement at Bad Alibi. Grey should probably hire a couple more people to run the bar while he’s away.

Three is, indeed, a crowd

Dex thinks the three of them working together is funny because they’ve both slept with her. Oh gosh, she’s really making it awkward, and I love it. However, they don’t want to engage in a group hug or a selfie like she suggests. Honesty, Dex lol. That scene was all kinds of awkward, and I think it might have been one of my favorite scenes on this show. 

Dex heads back to the veterans support group and immediately bonds with a fellow veteran, Violet, who she hooks up with later. But Violet was the suspicious one in the beginning of the episode. Oh no! This random guy, who she kidnapped, just told Violet EVERYTHING about the plan. Excuse me, did he just say they were gonna kill Grey?! Grey, get the heck out!

Tookie is laying down the law at the bar. His reaction to the flare pin on the worker’s apron was priceless. He would have totally hated my book bag in college… I think he’s quickly becoming one of my favorite characters on the show. Speaking of Grey, problems arise when one of the men catches him chatting with Max. As he’s about to peace out, the crew agrees to strike a deal with “Crystal.” That’s good news, right?

It’s time

Now I’m nervous for them after the guy said they were planning to kill Grey. Dex tells Grey that Max is playing him, and I totally agree with her. She suddenly starts to feel remorseful for the illegal stuff she’s been doing? Nah. 

Here we go. The business transaction has been closed, and as Dex walks out, she finds Violet with a gun about to walk into the building that Grey is still in. *Breathe in and breathe out.* However, Dex isn’t letting her get to Grey. Cue fight scene to “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.” Dex just flipped her over the balcony, but Violet made an escape…somehow.

Oh my gosh! The man has a gun to Grey. Where is Hoffman?! As the trigger is about to be pulled, the police come barging in. Hoffman, yasss! Grey and Max end up making a clean getaway, but the cops are hot on their trail. So, maybe Max wasn’t bad after all.

Case closed

Sue Lynn comes to the rescue of Grey! Grey also helps Max make an escape to a new place, but not without a kiss good bye. Back at the station, Hoffman offers Grey his cut of the case and also asks him why he drove away so fast after the bust. It’s at the station we also see Hoffman come face-to-face with his dad. Oh!

OMG, Tookie literally took Ansel to egg a house of someone who left a bad Yelp review. Love it. Seriously, why is he the best? I really have been enjoying the Ansel and Tookie team-ups. 

More Stumptown Musings

  • Why do I love Grey so much?
  • Omg Tookie being shook at the woman’s outfit? Honestly same, but I do own a corduroy jacket myself, but it’s a cool one, okay.
  • I am really living for the Dex/Grey/Hoffman team-up. 
  • The car blasting “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun,” though.
  • Okay, I really do like Hoffman and Grey’s friendship, and I hope we see more of it in the future.

That episode could have played out a lot worse than it did. Phew! We got some busting, some egging of a house and much more. What did you think of this episode of Stumptown? Sound off below or tweet us!

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