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‘Black Lightning’ 3×12: We need to talk about that reunion in “Motherless ID”

Hello Khalil, Goodbye Painkiller!

Black Lightning 3×12 recap: Season 3, Episode 12, “The Book of Markovia: Chapter Three: Motherless ID,” Aired Feb. 03, 2020  

In Black Lightning 3×12, Jen works with TC to bring back Khalil, and save him from being Painkiller forever; Lynn learns that Odell had conditioned her to become addicted to Green Light; Jefferson and Co. form a team (thanks to Grayle’s help) to track down and rescue Lynn; Anissa and Grace fight over Grace wanting to become more involved in missions.

Lets breakdown that HUGE reunions in Black Lightning 3×12 in more detail:

Jen and TC bring Khalil back to the real world

After patiently waiting (for what seemed forever) Jen and Khalil finally reunited. However, it wasn’t quite the reunion I had in mind. I imagined an emotional/romantic meeting, which would cause Painkiller to reverse back to Khalil, after he saw Jen and all the memories came flooding back.

The love they had was so strong, I truly believed that would be enough to save Khalil. But, things didn’t quite go down that way. It turned out to be a much harder effort to bring back Khalil to the real world.

We see Jen, TC, and Painkiller at Gambi’s hideout, where they try and figure out a way to get rid of Painkiller but save Khalil. TC works his magic, and uses his abilities to get inside Khalil’s mind to try and revert back his true mind. However, they stumble into a problem: if TC shuts down the Painkiller operating system, then that would ultimately kill Khalil – it would make him brain dead. Of course, this isn’t an option and they come up with an other plan. Despite feeling like they were out of much options, TC figures out a way (working with Jen) to produce a firewall to hide the Painkiller files behind it. This would then mean that Painkiller would never be in control again (unless you deactivated the fire wall, of course).  Just as all seemed great, then came the next hurdle.

Painkiller may now be gone, but that don’t mean that Khalil is ready to face reality. After realizing he committed such horrific crimes, Khalil chooses to stay in his ‘safe place.’ Ultimately, Khalil doesn’t want to face up to all the horrible things he has done – including killing his own mother. Can we blame him though? I’d react the same, so I’m not surprised that Khalil wants to suppress his memories. In order to bring Khalil out, TC and Jen combine their powers to get Jen into the chip. Jen then convinces Khalil to leave his mind and learn to cope with everything that happened. Once out his own head, Khalil is not in a good place. He tells Jen that they can’t be together. Well, there goes the happy reunion I imagined *sobs*. 

Do you think Khalil can be truly saved? Will he ever come to terms with killing his own mother? Let me know your thoughts!

Black Lightning airs Mondays at 9/8c on The CW.

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