‘Manifest’ 2×05 recap: Jaw-dropping moments from “Coordinated Flight”

Deceptions galore!

Manifest recap: Season 2, Episode 5, “Coordinated Flight,” aired Feb. 3, 2020.

After last episode and this episode, you guys might want to make sure you’re sitting down because Manifest has me freaking the heck out. I am yelling. Let’s see what transpires on tonight’s Manifest. It’ll be sure to leave you in shock. Woah.

Little Olive Flashbacks

We see Grace and Olive in a flashback, and Olive tells her mom she thinks her dad and brother are still out there. It seems like she had callings of her own kind. In present time, trouble is taking place in the Church of the Believers. Olive asks Adrian to not let it slip that she goes to the Church. Girl, you need to confess to your parents before it comes from someone else.

Oh my gosh! More Zeke and Michaela! Anyway, back to other storylines, Ben and TJ are still trying to crack the case of the compass. That’s when Ben gets a calling, “save her.” As Ben’s talking to Grace on the phone, Cal and her crash into a tree because of another truck. This makes Ben believe she was hit on purpose.

Save her?

The victim of the attack isn’t making it easy on Michaela and her partner. She goes to talk to Adrian, but he’s just like his fellow churchgoer and won’t help. Thankfully, her partner gets a lead on the case.

Ben and Grace are at the hospital to ensure their baby is okay after the crash. It’s then that they come to the conclusion that the “save her” might be meant for their newly revealed baby girl. OLIVE, girl, it’s time to tell your parents about you going to Believer meetings!

Back at the precinct, Michaela and Jared have an…awkward talk. He’s still not over her throwing him under the bus. Jared thinks the haters aren’t as big of a threat as Michaela is thinking, but of course, he can’t just support her on this. Come on, Jared! Just be a good guy — I know you’re capable of it.

Getting some dang answers

Michaela and her partner are interrogating a suspect. Like Jared, her Captain doesn’t even believe Michaela about labeling the man a suspect.

Zeke goes to talk with a woman to make amends: Courtney. Former girlfriend? He wants to help her, too, but she is unwilling to be helped by him. I’m glad that he’s trying. 

The accident and the destruction at the Church end up being connected. Hearing those words has Olive going to the station to tell Michaela she was at the Church of the Believers when the attack happened. Oh sh**! Michaela encourages Olive to tell her parents, even though she 100% does not want to. Olive’s now identifying the suspect from the attack, and she quickly identifies the man they have been interrogating. 


There seems to be a headquarters for the people against Flight 828. The police force goes to raid the suspected headquarters. However, they walk into nothing at all. Michaela does find the truck that might’ve hit Grace and Cal. Why is her Captain so against Michaela when she’s just trying to do her job? Oh my gosh. I am frustrated on her behalf.

Olive finally tells her parents that she attends the Church of the Believers. Obviously, they’re upset about her involvement, but Olive is really sticking up for her fellow goers. Oh this scene is giving me goosebumps. That didn’t go well at all…not like I expected it to.

WHAT THE HELL?!! Did Jared tip off the bad guys that Michaela was trying to bust? Are you freaking kidding me right now? I am so mad. SO MAD at Jared. I can’t believe this. Actually, I can believe this. How dare he? Just when I thought he was actually moving on and letting go. I should have known. Boy, BYE. He’s literally the worst.

Okay, I am simmering down, Michaela and Zeke are being so domestic. That’s when Courtney shows up…HIS WIFE?! EXCUSE ME!? Okay, two huge things are being thrown at me at once! I can’t handle this right now. Then Ben attacked Adrian! I need to sit down. This is just too much. 

More Manifest musings

  • Ben and Grace are having a girl!
  • I’m glad Zeke is getting help; he really wants to be a better person for Michaela. How can you not ship them?
  • I do like Grace and Olive scenes — they only had each other when their whole family disappeared. 
  • Thankfully the baby ends up being okay.
  • Seriously, Michaela is such a bad ass when she’s in police mode. You go!
  • You guys, I can’t right now. I need to turn off the TV forever.
  • Jared can never be forgiven. 

Y’all, I am so mad right now. Now, that was a way to end an episode for sure, and I honestly can’t believe that all happened. Wow, that was a lot to take in…well done, Manifest. What did you think of the episode? Sound off below or tweet us. 

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