‘Single Parents’ 2×14 recap: “Yarn and Pebbles”

It’s Derek’s last day in Los Angeles!

Single Parents 2×14 “Yarn and Pebbles” aired January 29, 2020.

Fans of The Good Place will be happy to learn that D’Arcy Carden made a guest appearance in this week’s episode of Single Parents!

Indeed, now that Will and Tracy broke up, it’s time for him to get back on the dating game… and D’Arcy Carden’s character makes the perfect girlfriend. Or at least, she seems to.

Let’s see what happened in Single Parents 2×14:

Some father-and-son bonding

When we last saw Angie, Graham and Derek last week, things seemed to go rather well for them. And they’re still getting along just fine in this week’s episode. Or at least at the beginning.

Because as soon as Graham tells Angie that he and his father will be spending the day at Ratso’s before Derek has to go, she’s not too pleased to be left out. So much so that she tricks Douglas into helping her to check on them.

Despite her friend’s advice not to go see what’s happening, she still does, and watches with horror as the father and son are bonding hard.

So hard even, that they planned to meet at Ratso’s every other weekend to spend the day together. Angie feels even more left out than she already did but Douglas reassures her. According to him, Derek is like a brand new toy in Graham’s life while she is his rock.

Can we just take a moment to appreciate how far Douglas has come already and how he shows his soft side more and more?!

In the end, Angie and Graham have a very sweet conversation where he tells her that he wants to make Derek like him, so that he won’t leave again. Derek later joins in the conversation and owns up his past (and present) mistakes. He apologizes for planning things with Graham without asking Angie first and tells their son that she is the true hero of this story — not him.

Derek then promises Graham that he’ll see him whenever he wants to, and they both hug, with Angie joining them upon Graham’s request.

This was a very cute (and emotional) way to end this storyline. It almost makes me want to see more of them in the future!

single parents 2×14
ABC/Kelsey McNeal

Will’s new girlfriend

Meanwhile, Will has to deal with the aftermath of Tracy breaking up with him. And, well… let’s just say he’s not handling it well. He’s pretty sure he’s never going to date anyone again since he doesn’t know how to go on a first date.

Indeed, the only girlfriends he had after Sophie’s mother were two women he already knew, aka. Tracy and Sophie’s doctor.

Thankfully, Poppy and Miggy are here for him. They make it their mission to help Will find someone to ask on a date. Isn’t it a bit soon for that, though? It’s only been a few days.

Anyway, enter Kay, or Olivia, or O-kay, like her coworkers call her. Despite Will’s (very) poor attempt at having a first conversation with her, she doesn’t run away when he asks her out. Things seem to go pretty well between them because when Poppy and Miggy ask Will what happened… he tells them that she’s his girlfriend, now!

Wait, what?!

As it turns out, though, Kay is a very boring person. Her main interests are yarn and pebbles (hence the episode’s title) and she thinks that Will is just “fine”. Like a potato.

Will also thinks she’s just fine, actually, but to keep dating her is the easiest thing to do. He won’t have to go on other first dates — which, as we saw, he’s not very good at.

Poppy and Miggy, who are kind of responsible for this relationship, decide to repair things. They break up with Kay for Will, because it’s obvious the two aren’t dating for the right reasons. Will is mad at them at first but eventually forgives his friends, admitting that she wasn’t the one indeed.

single parents 2×14
ABC/Kelsey McNeal

“Eat the mayonnaise, Franklin!”

While the parents are busy with their problems, the kids also have their own issues to deal with.

Poppy asked Douglas to eat more healthy food but his daughters are sure he won’t be able to go through. Instead of being afraid their father might die, though (he already had a heart attack, after all), they’re rather scared that if he does, they will lose their truck.

Which is quite in-character for Amy and Emma, to be honest.

To prevent that from happening, the kids decide to eat all of the junk food inside the house. This way, Douglas won’t be able to eat it himself. But the task is harder than it seemed. Rory then suggests they throw a party so that their friends can help them eat everything.

The twins are afraid that their father will be mad when he comes back home but, rather than scolding them, he actually agrees with their plan. He even presses the other kids to finish the food so that he’s not tempted to eat it himself.

Especially one of them, who’s forced to finish a jar of mayonnaise. Poor Franklin… I can’t imagine how disgusting it is.

Some more thoughts

  • D’Arcy Carden is hilarious, and it was so pleasing to see her guest star in this week’s episode. She made the perfect Kay.
  • Not to state the obvious, but there’s one person that Will already knows and could date. Angie, of course.
  • Speaking of her, I need more of her duo with Douglas. They both have grown so much since the pilot!
  • The kids and their shenanigans… I’m always here for it.

And you, what did you think of Single Parents 2×14? Hit the comments and let us know! Next week’s episode should be full of love, as it will be a Valentine’s Day episode!


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