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‘Black Lightning’ 3×10: Top moment from “Blessings and Curses Reborn”

Black Lightning's back!

Black Lightning 3×10 recap: Season 3, Episode 10, “The Book of Markovia: Chapter One: Blessings and Curses Reborn,” Aired Jan. 20, 2020

In Black Lightning 3×10Black Lighting returns to Freeland and fills in Gambi with all the deets on what happened in Crisis (even the fact that Superman is indeed real!); Jen is also back safe in reality, and explains how she also was in another dimension; Jen plans to kill Odell, even without her fathers approval; Lynn’s Green Light addiction gets scarily out of control; Anissa and the Resistance take on the A.S.A. in another mission to bring them down; lastly, Jen and Brandon nearly get captured by the A.S.A, but manage to flee.

Lets breakdown the top moment of Black Lightning 3×10 in more detail:

Jen’s mission to take down Odell:

We last saw Jen in an alternate reality, where she saw two other versions of herself – one which was incredibly scary and bad (someone I hope she never turns into). The whole event shook Jen and it left her feeling uneasy. Jen eventually woke up from her anti-matter- induced coma, and woke up back in Freeland. She meets up with her Dad and Gambi, where they discuss briefly what truly went down.

To both Jen and Black Lightning, it was a long time away from Freeland, but to every one else, no time had passed – hence why no one knew they were even missing. After what Jen experienced in her alternate worlds, Jen knew she could not become that horrible version of herself, so her only solution was to come up with a plan to kill Odell. Black Lightning of course does not agree with Jen and tries to talk her down, before she does anything crazy!

Before Jen begins her mission to kill Odell, she visits her mom but startles her when she arrives. Lynn drops a vial containing Green Light, and freaks the heck out, screaming at Jen. This is when Jen realizes something isn’t quite right with her mom, and she needs to get some serious help. Before Jen could deal with that issue, an earthquake occurs out of the blue. Jen figures it’s actually Brandon not being in control of his powers, so Lynn gives her medicine to help Brandon and stop the earthquake. 

All becomes well, and Jen saves Brandon and stops his seizures, meaning the earthquake stopped. However, just as things seemed good, it swiftly turned bad – A.S.A. agents tranqualize both of them from no where.  The agents capture them, and have them contained in the back of a van. Jen and Brandon have collars round their necks which prevent them from using their powers, but it doesn’t take long for Jen to overcome this. Her powers overload it, allowing her to break free, and free both herself and Brandon – yay! The two escape, but have to take out more A.S.A. agents in their paths. 

Lastly, comes to the point where Jen thinks she can take out Odell. Odell turns up in a car later and drives by Jen, he attempts to convince her to go with him. Of course, Jen refuses and then tries to kill him by blasting him. Wow, she did not even hesistate. Unlucky though for Jen, as Odell isn’t really there – it’s just a hologram. Uh-oh, the war has now just began. What might Odell do next? 

Black Lightning airs Mondays at 9/8c on The CW.

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