‘The Good Doctor’ 3×13 recap: “Sex and Death”

The Good Doctor recap: Season 3, Episode 13, “Sex and Death,” aired Jan. 27, 2020.

Well, I can only assume by the title of this episode that we will encounter both sex and death. Which also means that I might be reduced to tears…again like last episode. Let’s see what happens!

S-E-X that spells sex

Shaun talking to Morgan about sex, though. I really like that these two have been forming some sort of friendship. Morgan is really coming around. Speaking of Morgan, Glassman’s patient ends being her mother, and Morgan doesn’t seem too thrilled to see her. Her mom ends up collapsing in front of Claire and her. Lim, Park and Claire bring her into surgery where the speculation about her mom begins. 

Shaun is eager to have sex with Carly again, and she confesses that the sex could be better. Though, Shaun thinks it was “excellent,” but tells her he will work on it. Oh, Shaun.

Turns out the Rezniks are a gifted family. However, Shaun quickly changes the subject to sex. Claire and Park are helping him as best as they can. Claire questions Morgan about why she lied about her mother’s profession. Morgan is, of course, choosing to brush it off.

Outlander meets The Good Doctor?

Melendez and Shaun’s patient is…an eager beaver. He is pretty adamant on going to Costa Rica, with or without his wife. Meanwhile, back in surgery, Claire tells Melendez she is going to talk to the patient’s daughter, aka, Morgan. As Morgan sits beside her mother after surgery, she asks if she would like to discuss her suckyness as a mother. Ouch — that’s cold even from Morgan. 

I am laughing so hard. Shaun really shows up in a kilt, getting into the spirit of Outlander for Carly. While on break, Claire and Shaun both agree that Morgan is more like her mom than she would ever want. Morgan goes to Glassman to ask him to do her mother’s surgery, but he declines. She’s not taking it too well, causing Glassman to tell her to leave his office.

Work it out

Melendez and Claire are still continuing their work outs together. Maybe I should start running again…Anyway, I really am glad he’s still helping Claire to cope.

Glassman goes to Morgan’s mom with a surgery that could save her life. As her mom tells Morgan and her brother about it, Morgan ends up saying that the surgery was her idea. However, her mom doesn’t seem to like the idea. Oooff, her brother is just as stubborn as her. Park sits down to talk with Morgan, telling her she’s done good for herself. He brought up that she is still competing with her family, though. Man, Park really has her figured out.

In a shocking scene, Morgan actually apologizes to her brother. She decides to show her brother her own work. Glassman does end up doing the surgery after all; Morgan must have really gotten to him. 

Time to go home

Shaun clears his patient to go home. Meanwhile, Morgan’s mom recovers from surgery and she even left her mark in the hospital. Like, she literally painted her signature on the door of her room. Thankfully, Morgan’s mom ends up being grateful for saving her life. I’m glad to see Morgan making amends with her family. 

Now Lim is in on the sex talk with Claire, Morgan and Shaun. This is literally everything. Lim asks if Shaun wants to give a parade, which he says duh. OMG. This talk is hilarious, and I am glad to see his coworkers helping him with this.

I think there was a parade after all!

The Good Doctor musings

  • Them using “parade” while talking about sex with Shaun. LOL.
  • Oh gosh…Claire telling Shaun to use Outlander as an inspiration in the bedroom. This episode is wild.
  • Does Morgan really have a list of all the moments in her life that her mom screwed up?
  • Shaun reading a book called “The G Spot.” Seriously, this episode. 
  • When the patient asked Shaun what makes him happy and he was about to go off about his sex life.

This episode was all kinds of WILD, and I am so here for it. It amazes me how awesome the The Good Doctor writers are — how they can go from serious to hilarious. What did you think of the episode? Comment below or tweet us your reactions!

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