‘Manifest’ 2×04 recap: “Black Box”

Manifest recap: Season 2, Episode 4, “Black Box,” aired Jan. 27, 2020.

Last week on Manifest, there was some betrayal, some intense hugs and a reveal. Suffice to say, things are getting pretty interesting. Let’s see what happens next!

Classic books and crushes

We have a flashback where young Olive meets TJ at the airport on the way back from vacation. Someone has a little crush. Back in present time, Olive is still attending Believer meetings, and have I mentioned this is a bad idea? 

Does Saanvi have a makeshift lab in her closet at home? She’s a very dedicated employee. At home, Ben is starting to lose hope. Don’t lose hope yet, Ben! You can save yourself and the passengers. I got to say, I wasn’t very keen on Grace in the beginning, but I like seeing her come around to everything that has been happening.

Michaela is visiting Evie’s mom. Oh, she’s gushing about Zeke and confessing that she’s afraid.

Something something

The waitress at the bar Jared frequents is hot for him. Meanwhile, Michaela is getting callings to “bring him back.” Wonder who this him could be. Surprise, surprise, she runs into Zeke, who is also hearing the same calling. While at the bank, a man with a gun orders everyone to give him their phones. Michaela tries to calm him down, and that’s when Zeke goes in for the attack. The man with the gun ends up being another passenger. 

The man confesses that he also sees his death. However, he isn’t willing to back off of his mission to getting whatever is in the vault. Oh gosh…he’s holding the gun to Zeke’s head. Don’t hurt Zeke, man. 

Vance is getting Saanvi ready to lie to The Major — nothing happening here. Olive is helping Ben and TJ with one of TJ’s latest callings, and she’s also pretending she has no idea who he is. Way to play it cool in front of a crush.

Playing The Major

Saanvi is so good at fooling The Major! On the other side of the city, Ben and TJ are scoping out some fancy smancy club when Ben gets a call from Jared. Wait, TJ’s calling was also in connection to the passenger holding up the bank? Interesting.

At the bank, everyone is able to escape besides Zeke, Michaela and an employee. Turns out, the bank guy thinks his brother is a punk and wants the money in his box. He begins shooting the vault, but one of the bullets hits the bank employee. 

The police officers order Zeke to not go back inside, but he’s not leaving Michaela by herself with the gunman. Aw, my ship! His brother helps him put down the gun and gives him the key to the vault. Will someone give Zeke a bandaid for the gash on his head? The brothers end up making up, and as he’s about to be hauled off to prison, he gives Michaela a compass. With a peacock on it?! The one from season 1!

Remember, it’s all connected

Now Ben is starting to have hope again that they’re going to save themselves from the death date. That’s some David Nolan spirit seeping through Ben Stone. Olive goes to see her dad but ends up finding TJ instead. This could end up being a sweet friendship between the two…I think Olive needs someone right now. Maybe this will help her stop attending those meetings. Wait, she brought TJ to a Believer meeting?! Maybe, I was wrong…

Oh no, not the man doctor with the crush on Saanvi! Another oh no because Saanvi’s science stuff is gone from her closet! The Major took her work, which is totally not good. Like at all. 

Jared goes back to the bar for the bartender. I guess he’s moving on. So is Michaela with Zeke. Ahhhhh! I am here for it.

More Manifest musings

  • I am really digging Olive’s outfits this season.
  • Michaela and Zeke hearing the same callings is kind of a total OTP connection. Am I right?
  • I’m glad we’re getting more Saanvi, and that she’s involved in the whole scheme to bring The Major down.
  • A moment of appreciation for Zeke. 
  • Oaky, if Jared wants to be more chill and helpful, I wouldn’t be so mad at him. Just learn to let Michaela live her life.
  • Grace and Ben really are a sweet couple. I take back whatever I said about them in past recaps.
  • MICHAELA AND ZEKE! I am so calm about this.

Another great episode of Manifest! A lot happened, but there’s still a lot to uncover. Plus, an important piece of information got into the wrong hands. What did you think of this episode? Sound off below or tweet us your thoughts!

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