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Interview: Lucie Guest Dives into ’CAOS’ for Her New Role as Circe

A new kind of trouble has rolled into Greendale as The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina returns for an all new season. Netflix’s creepy, good teen drama gets even darker as Sabrina and her friends deal with the aftermath of Nick’s sacrifice and Blackwood’s many betrayals. Actress and director, Lucie Guest, joins the show this season as Circe.

Just before the show’s return for “Part 3”, I had the chance to speak  with Lucie about her new role. This interview does not contain spoilers, but be sure to check back in to PureFandom for a full season 3 discussion with the actress. During the interview, Lucie shares that she was extremely excited to book the role as she’d been a big fan of the show. Sorry, Harvey! Lucie is Team Nick all the way. Really who can resist the ”mysterious, bad boy” type?

She describes Circe as a powerful woman with some mysterious, dark layers of her own. Of course, we can’t start peeling back too many of those layers for now because spoilers. Guest does reveal that Circe is a palm reader and a member of the carnival rolling into Greendale. The actress took a deep dive into the YouTube rabbit hole researching everything that she could find on palm reading, lifelines, and carnival life. Lucie teases her character’s eclectic taste and love of old music. She holds back on expounding on just what type of music or how old we’re talking for fear of revealing too much.

Guest generally  likes to create a backstory for characters she’s playing, but that didn’t quite happen with Circe due to the nature of the character and what was already written. The actress was full of praise for costume designer, Angus Strathie. The elaborate costumes helped her step fully into Circe’s world and mindset.

I absolutely cannot wait to see if Circe will prove to be friend or foe for Sabrina and the Fright Club. I’ll be bingeing the new season and then  chatting with Lucie again for a few breakdown of all that went down.  Will Sabrina figure out a way to rescue Nick from fiery torment? What happens now that the titular witch knows that she’s the daughter of Lucifer Morningstar? What’s going on with the rest of Sabrina’s nearest of dearest? Gotta watch t o find out.

Also, be sure to keep an eye out for more of Lucie’s projects. She recently directed and co-wrote a feature-length romance, “Love at First Flight” and romantic comedy, “For You, With Love”.


Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, Part 3 is currently streaming on Netflix

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