‘Single Parents’ 2×13 recap: “Chunkies”

Time for Graham to meet his dad!

Single Parents 2×13 “Chunkies” aired January 22, 2020.

Remember, back in December, when Angie told Graham she would arrange a meeting between him and his father? Well, the time has come for this meeting to happen in this week’s episode!

Let’s dig into everything that happened in Single Parents 2×13:

The end of a relationship… 

Single Parents 2×13
ABC/Scott Everett White

Will and Tracy are going out on a date for the first time in over a month, so Will asks for Poppy’s help to pick the right outfit. But what he thinks is going to be a nice evening out might as well turn into a complete disaster. Indeed, Sophie overheard Tracy saying she wants to end things with her father.

In order to protect him from heartbreak, Sophie fakes being sick to force him to cancel his dinner plans. It seems to work, at first. Until Tracy shows up at their house.

Sophie pretended she has vertigo. Which is, very conveniently, something Tracy is very familiar with. She’s had vertigo her whole life and thus knows the symptoms perfectly.


It doesn’t take long for Tracy to realize that Sophie is faking it. She tells Will, but he doesn’t believe her. Tracy then decides to get dinner by herself. When he comes to check on her, though, Will finds Sophie jumping on her bed.

So much for someone who claims that “the floor is the ceiling”…

She tells her father the truth, who in return says that it’s sweet she wanted to protect him, but lying is always bad. Seems like she didn’t learn her lesson from last week!

Finally, Will finds Tracy at the restaurant. He tells her that he knows she wanted to break up with him, which is why Sophie lied. Except, Tracy didn’t actually want to end things between them. All she wanted to end was her diet.

Uh oh. There’s been some kind of misunderstanding… 

In the end, though, she still breaks up with him. She wants to be someone’s #1 priority but knows she can’t be Will’s. Hopefully she’ll find what she’s looking for. Wishing you all the best, Tracy Freeze!

The oddball family reunion

single parents 2×13
ABC/Kelsey McNeal

While some break up, others reunite.

Indeed, it’s time for Graham’s Christmas wish to finally come true: he’s about to meet his father. Angie has arranged everything so that this little “family reunion” (which isn’t truly a family reunion, like she makes sure to tell Douglas) happens under the best possible circumstances. So of course, nothing goes according to her plans.

As soon as he sees his father, Graham starts to throw up. And it’s not because of the stress of meeting Derek for the first time. It’s because he’s sick. Really sick, not like Sophie’s fake vertigo.

Derek offers to help Angie with Graham but she refuses. Even when she starts to get sick as well, she still doesn’t let him take care of them. She’s (rightly) mad at him because she’s been doing this all alone for the past years because of his absence. And she can do it again.

When she falls asleep while pouring water into a glass for Graham, though, Derek takes her to her bed to rest. He’s still there when she wakes up later on, making pancakes with their son and seemingly having a good time together. Angie decides to let things happen without trying to force them and agrees to let Derek have breakfast with them.

The scene is cute, and Adam Brody somehow manages to make Derek pretty lovable despite what he did but still… he has a long way to go to redeem himself from leaving his family behind when Angie was pregnant.

Smart Miggy

single parents 2×13
ABC/Kelsey McNeal

Douglas, Amy and Emma’s plan to watch TV all day is put on hold when the girls have to tell their father the hard truth: they couldn’t repair it. Thankfully, Miggy is here to save the day and somehow manages to make it work. It doesn’t seem to make the girls happy, though.

On the opposite, they can’t believe Miggy managed to repair something that they couldn’t.

It gets even worse when Douglas asks Miggy to repair something else in the house instead of his daughters, as he usually does. They feel useless. Like payphones.

But then Miggy comes clean: he didn’t actually repair the TV. He was just lucky and didn’t say anything because it felt nice to be the smart one, for once. His confession immediately makes the twins feel better.

All is well that ends well!

Some more thoughts

  • I need more of Rory commenting on a situation that’s happening in front of him.
  • Speaking of him, I love his relationship with Poppy. They were kind of in the background in this episode, but still hilarious together. I, too, would like to try this restaurant that serves breakfast at dinner.
  • Will and Tracy are no longer together… does this mean we can hope for some Will and Angie development by the end of the season?!

And you, what did you think of Single Parents 2×13? Hit the comments and let us know!


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