‘Stumptown’ 1×12 recap: “Dirty Dexy Money”

Stumptown recap: Season 1, Episode 12, “Dirty Dexy Money,” aired Jan. 22, 2020.

Can we just appreciate the episode titles for Stumptown? I love a good play on words. Things are getting risqué this week, and Grey is still undercover. I’m sure it’s about to be an interesting episode. Let’s see what happens!

Surprise here, surprise there

The men in Dex’s life are certainly ones for surprises, but I feel like Grey wasn’t kidding with him saying he was hiding heroine. Dex’s new client — Ginger— owns, we’re going to get straight to the point here, a strip club. Hence my risqué statement in the intro. 

Before Dex and Ginger can get their party on, Dex is determined to continue working the case. However, the first man isn’t the one who is stealing from the boss.

Grey is still playing the game of thief real well, and this week, he’s getting rid of the heroine with a “buyer.” Max is quite experienced in the world of not doing legal things, but she says she doesn’t deal drugs. 

Cooking is hard

Tookie is helping Ansel bake Baked Alaska, which I didn’t know was a dessert until now. As they’re working, Tookie tells Ansel about meeting Dex. He even met their parents and describes them as “nice people.” I’m glad they touched base on how Dex and Tookie became friends.

Welp, seems like Ginger got Dex a man for the night, but she declines. She catches all the strippers together the next day, and it seems like they’re all doing the stealing for their fellow stripper. When she goes to tell Ginger, she states that Ginger has a morale problem. Ginger isn’t too happy about Dex’s findings and thinks Dex is just jealous of her. Oh, okay. 

This other detective working with Hoffman certainly does not like him. I think the feeling is mutual. What was up with that comment he made about Hoffman’s father?

The new guy

Uh oh, Ginger filed a formal complaint about Dex after firing her, which means she will be investigated. If the instigation goes sour, Dex could end up losing her license. Well, Ginger sucks. After last week’s episode, Dex decides to attend a veterans support meeting. I’m proud of Dex for making this step! Little by little, we see her growing in each episode.

Hoffman urges Grey to have his “crew” take his buyer. Grey, however, wants to see if he can get Max to go on the right side of the law, but Hoffman is against it. Cosgrove tells Hoffman he needs to give the other man working with him information. Things are getting real intense, even to the point of Cosgrove giving the other man some major side eye.

Time to talk

Dex confides to a fellow veteran about what she’s going through and is prompted to take her life back. Snap! She goes straight to the bureau of whatever it’s called to file a complaint against Ginger. This would be a great time for “Revenge is Gonna Be Mine” from the OUAT musical, but I guess it’s the wrong setting for this.

Grey is 100% in danger, and I am scared. Turns out his new “crew” got some intel on Grey and now everyone and everything is suspicious. Thankfully, Grey isn’t stupid and knows how to play them. His crew agrees to meet with his buyer, so at least that’s something. Wait…what?!? Face off with Hoffman and the other detective is going down. Yep, he’s a dirty cop! Get him, Cosgrove. 

Wow, Ginger coming to Dex after all of this? Risky. They agree to drop each other’s complaints against one another. I guess that was easier than I thought it would be.

Who’s going undercover as the buyer? Seems from that ending with Grey and Hoffman going to Dex that Dex will be the buyer. Ope. 

More Stumptown musings

  • Tookie needs to be in more of the episodes because he is hilarious. 
  • Dex only has one business card? Lol.
  • I’m pretty sure the actress who plays Ginger was on The View?
  • I do miss scenes between Dex and Grey, so I am hoping we get some of those soon.
  • Ginger making that dig at Dex about Ansel moving out, Ok, heck no.
  • I can’t decide if Max is shady or not, but I do know this other detective definitely is.
  • Ansel made Dex the baked Alaska? That’s adorable!
  • OMG Dex/Grey/Hoffman team up. I am ready.

This was an interesting episode, for sure. I am certainly worried about Grey with this undercover assignment. What did you think? Comment below or tweet us your reactions!

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