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‘Legends of Tomorrow’ recap: 5×02 “Meet the Legends”

The Legends are back! After 8 long months our loveable heroes return! We missed them terribly. The good news is, they haven’t changed a bit. Except for Nate. Nate has changed a bit. We will get into that! Let’s check in with our squad.

Interim Team Leader


Sara Lance is busy with Crisis, so who has been keeping the Legends together? Ava Sharpe. Ava, no longer the Director of the Time Bureau, has her hands full. The Time Bureau was dismantled. She battled the Senator in court to keep the Legends up and running. How did she persuade him? Ms. Sharpe agreed to let a film crew follow the team around to provide full transparency. Will this end in chaos? Of course. 

Since the Legends saved the world last year, they have gotten a bit famous. For the most part this hasn’t changed them. Only two things are really different:

  1. Mick’s writing has reached celebrity status. Mona is now his literary agent, dealing with book deals and movie rights.
  2. Nate has let the fame go to his head and is a bit obnoxious. To be fair the poor man lost the woman he loved and has no idea, but I digress.

Ava is trying her best, but misses Sara. She doesn’t have to wait long, though. Sara, Ray, and Mick return!



Sara is destroyed over Oliver’s death. Only to return home to a film crew. Needless to say she is pi**ed. Gideon comes online and tells them they have a problem. Gideon is also not herself. She is jumbling her words and Behrad (not Zari) is trying to figure out what is wrong with her. She informs the team that Rasputin is in Russia in the 19th century, when he is supposed to be dead. 

  • Constantine’s friend did indeed raise history’s baddies from the dead. 
  • Ava, Mick, Ray, Mona, and Nate try to help Sara out and go to investigate the situation. 
  • Sara is busy drowning her sorrows with Behrad (not Zari) in drink. 
  • Also Charlie is time hopping on the jump ship. 

The team arrive in Russia to see an alive, not dead, Rasputin (Wynonna Earp’s Michael Eklund). Rasputin wants to kill the man who killed him. Nate argues that is fair.  He also, wants to kill the Romanoff’s which would make him the Czar of Russia. Which would not be fair. The team’s attempt to stop Rasputin from killing his killer fails. This is why you don’t do things without Sara. 



Sara can’t take it anymore. She finally has her mental breakdown. She has been through it. First, Crisis, then being a paragon, and finally Oliver’s death. Our Captain just wanted some time to grieve when she came home. Sara needed to talk to her friends. 

All of them apologize, saying they thought she needed space. Captain Lance runs out, with Behrad (not Zari) to fight Rasputin alone. John informs her that they can’t kill Rasputin because a piece of his soul is still in hell. The Legends being the family that they are, don’t let Sara and Behrad go alone. 

They end up defeating Rasputin. Ray shrinks really small and Sara throws him into Rasputin’s mouth. Ray expands and Rasputin explodes. In typical Legends fashion, it was a nice bloody ending. Now time for drinks and smooches. #Avalance!

What did you think of the Season Premiere of Legends? Do you miss Zari. Do you need more Charlie? Come back Nora! Sound off in the comments!

Legends of Tomorrow airs Tuesday night, at 9pm. 



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