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‘Supergirl’ recap: 5×10 “The Bottle Episode”

It’s a new post- crisis world in National City and things are crazy! Lex Luthor runs the DEO, Lena gets her Crisis memories back, and there are a lot of Brainiacs! Let’s see why. 

Team Lex


The Superfriends are back in National City. Supergirl and Alex Danvers are trying to navigate the new world. Kara struggles with Lex’s new role. She wants to tell Lena the truth. Alex thinks she should let Lena be, since in this new world they are still partners and friends. Kara, however wants to keep her promise to never lie to Lena again. 

Unbeknownst to Kara, Lex has already beaten her to the punch. Lena remembers everything. How? It’s a little unclear. She wakes up and the first words out of her mouth are, “I killed you.” Those were the days. When Lex was dead and not hogging the spotlight. Can we go back to those days? Lena refuses to want anything to do with Lex. 

Lex being Lex, wants to make her a deal anyway. Lex realized when he died that ruling the world means nothing if you can’t share it with anyone. He wants his Sister to rule with him. He offers her a partnership. Lena, being the smartest one in the room, declines. That’s our girl. 



Nia and Brainy are back together, walking the town. Brainy goes to get a coffee and runs into another Brainy! They take him back to the DEO. Where the team finds out there are not 1, or 2, or 3, but 4 other Brainies. Here is what they learn. 

  1. There was a time hole in Al’s, when Crisis happened.
  2. A bunch of other dopplegangers of aliens arrived through the hole. 
  3. They are all from different Earths.

As they figure all this out, one of the Brainies disappears. Meghan Rath (Jesse Rath’s Sister) is one of the Brainies. She is the only female Brainy. It turns out on her Earth, she was the leader of the DEO. There is another Brainy who is an old school optimist. Then there is an emo Brainy, who just cries all the time. The Brainies are being hunted.

Team Kara


Kara stops by Lena’s office ready to bare her soul. Lena essentially tells her to save it. Lex told her everything. For those of us who thought Lena’s anger towards Kara would fizzle out, I guess we were wrong. It is hard to see Lena hurt. At a certain point, she needs to forgive Kara. I don’t know how much longer I can go seeing them two on opposite sides.

If you ever wondered what happened to Lena’s Mom after Crisis (asked no one) she is alive. Not only is she alive, she isn’t a criminal in this world. She runs the Luthor Foundation. After a chat with her Mother, Lena decides to pick Team Lex. 

Mrs. Luthor is actually already on Team Lex. She has been since the beginning. Lex’s primary goal is to find out who Leviathan is. In his eyes, they are the only ones that are a threat to him. Why? He didn’t know they existed. That’s right, Lex didn’t know something. It scared him. 

The Hunter Revealed

The hunter ends up being emo Brainy. He is kind of crazy. He didn’t want his world to die so he bottled it up. Emo Brainy started killing all the Brainies, because they all share one main brain. One of them was bound to figure it out. 

  • Nia walks in on Emo Brainy taking his bottle from the DEO. 
  • He tries to kill her and our Brainy saves her. 
  • In order to save her, he had to get rid of his personality inhibitors. 

Now that Brainy doesn’t have his personality inhibitors, he is fully himself. This is both good and bad. It is good because he is no longer hiding who he is. The bad is he is now closer to being the Evil Brainy from the comics. (Well he has darkness in him.)

This leads to a series of unexpected moves. He breaks up with Nia. Inhales the other two Brainies left. (They volunteered.) The worst part, he teams up with Lex to fight Leviathan, behind the team’s back. We all know that will end horribly. 

What did you think of the new world?

Supergirl airs 9pm, on Sundays.


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