The Top PC Game Launchers of 2019

Over the last few years, the PC game launching market has become increasingly competitive due to the vast amount of choice that is now available to gamers. Although Steam has amassed a total of 14.15 million users, there are a number of newly-developed launchers which seek to combine gaming titles into one, all-inclusive library.

As a result, we’re going to consider which are the top PC game launchers of 2019.


Even though it’s not the most customizable game launching engine, Discord focuses on intertwining gaming with an all-in-one text and voice chat service. There are no doubts that the title management element of Discord lacks in certain aspects when compared to other available launchers, like GameRoom and LaunchBox.

However, with that being said, for gamers who prioritize multiplayer gaming with friends, the program ensures a means of easily accessible communication through long-standing, open chat servers. Crucially, the cost-effective aspect of Discord is one of the crucial reasons as to why it’s one of the most popular launchers of 2019. Unlike other networks, such as TeamSpeak, there is no requirement to invest financially to enjoy the offerings of Discord, making it a launcher worthy of trying.

Plarium Play

The library-sorting aspect and settings management of programs such as the Plarium Play PC game launcher are fundamental in the platform being one of 2019’s top options. Along with providing seamless access to popular titles like Raid: Shadow Legends and Vikings: War of Clans, there is also an element of performance optimization as the enhanced FPS gameplay within the service allows for a smoother gaming experience.

Furthermore, along with allowing for performance-enhanced gaming, the Plarium launcher also seeks to connect gamers from all across the globe. Through the platform’s online chat features, users can easily communicate with each other in addition to sharing their in-game achievements.


While many of the best launchers are free of charge, some programs come with a cost as they attempt to go above and beyond when it comes to immersive online gaming. Photon is one of the most popular independent networking engines and multiplayer platforms on the market, and their PUN product provides for worldwide game launching.

Although a free version of the software is available to download, the $84 premium service includes new demos, along with cleaner API and structure. Moreover, the launcher’s deterministic engine provides for a platform on which gamers can enjoy fast-paced real-time gaming.

GameRoom and LaunchBox

With the PC gaming industry predicted to be worth an estimated $33.6 billion by 2020, and with 27 percent of desktop gamers favoring Windows OS, it’s hardly surprising that the launcher market seeks to cater to different user demands due to the vastness of the industry.

Aside from the above launchers, which focus predominantly on communication and optimization, GameRoom and LaunchBox are, at present, two of the best options relating to customization and interface appearance. While the former provides selectivity in the sense that users can manually add games to their library from a mixture of different developers, LaunchBox prides itself on bringing style to the launching market with its retro-style emulator support.

After highlighting several of the best launchers that are on the market in 2019, it’s clear that there is something for every type of gamer. Whether you prefer automatically-optimized gaming, effective communication or interface customization, there is undoubtedly a platform for you.


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