‘The Good Doctor’ 3×12: “Mutations”

The Good Doctor recap: Season 3, Episode 12, “Mutations,” aired Jan. 20, 2020.

Okay, here we go. Tonight’s The Good Doctor is all about love — well, not all about love, but there’s a lot of love going around the hospital. There’s some crying, too, on my part. Sigh. Let’s see what happens!

Moving on and moving out

Shaun is actually moving out of his shared apartment with Lea…or wait, she’s moving out. Morgan is checking in with Glassman about her arthritis. And she’s checking in with his work. As soon as Shaun tells someone to page Morgan, we see her puking over the toilet. What’s happening?

Claire confessing to Melendez that she would love to be an idiot in love again gives me the feels. They’re able to give their patient some good news about his tumor being gone. This will allow him to take his girlfriend to prom, but as he tells her the news, his girlfriend starts to have a seizure. The doctors disclose that her tumor is back.

Hmmm the mom of the young girl is being very strict. Not even allowing her boyfriend to visit. The patient expresses to Park and Claire that she’s disappointed her boyfriend didn’t show up, and Claire wants nothing more than to tell her that her boyfriend DID come to see her. So, Claire goes to her mom to persuade her to let her see him.

Prom sucks

Of course Melendez was the prom king. Ah, prom — prom was alright, especially the pretty dresses. Melendez and Claire go to Glassman for his input on their surgery, and he even asks Glassman to assist them in surgery. Seems like everyone is trying to get him back in the ER.

Lim asks Carly to stay to help with their patient. However, Carly seems unsure about working with patients. I wonder why she’s so hesitant about it. Outside of work, Shaun and Carly start to get intimate, but she stops them. As soon as Shaun tries to talk to Carly about it, Morgan texts him about their patient. Talk about bad timing.

Lim has Shaun join Carly in doing some sort of medical thing because he has path experience. While they’re working, Shaun tells Carly that he’s confused about their relationship. He doesn’t understand why she doesn’t want to have sex with him. There seems to be a lack of communication happening between the two.

Glassman knows what’s up

Glassman urges Morgan to switch up medication so she won’t continue puking her guts up. Listen to the man, Morgan!

I’ve missed scenes between Claire and Shaun! They share a brief conversation about their recently deceased parents. My heart breaks for those two. Meanwhile, Claire puts together an impromptu prom for her patient, including the dress. Oh my goodness, they decked out a whole room in prom decorations. 

Carly ends up making the call for the procedure. I don’t understand anything that is happening with their case. Does Carly know their patient or something? Seriously, there is something more there. 

Brb crying

Glassman does end up scrubbing in for the surgery, which I am glad to see. Unfortunately, their patient has another seizure after the surgery. This is sad. Claire and Melendez go to find their patient’s mom and to tell her that they were unable to save her daughter. Oh my gosh. This is absolutely heart breaking. I didn’t ask to cry tonight, The Good Doctor! 

Shaun finds Carly crying, and she discloses that she found their patient on Facebook. She prefers to stay in the lab because she can’t take knowing someone like their patient would die. Thankfully, Shaun tells her that she saved their patient. Even Morgan compliments Carly on the job well done. Progress from everyone! They even ended up having sex after all, and Shaun seems hella happy about it. 

Morgan ends up going to Glassman again. Of course Glassman was right; she admits that she wants to give another medication a try. Melendez catches up with Claire at the end of their shift and asks if she’s angry. I think Claire talking to Melendez about her mother’s death will end up helping her — she needs friends. They end up going on a run together. Awe. I stan this friendship.

More The Good Doctor musings

  • I am so here for Claire and Melendez being friends or whatever. I used to want them together romantically, but I think I’d be cool with them being bffs.
  • It’s never too early for Morgan to suck up…. I’m glad she acknowledges that she kisses butt.
  • Really liking the Melendez/Claire/Park trio.
  • Claire is literally one of the sweetest characters ever. I’m so glad she’s back to herself.
  • Oh my gosh! Even Melendez dressed up for this prom. I can’t even right now — this is so cute. 
  • Excuse me! Melendez asking Claire to dance with him! Is the ship about to take sail after all?

I haven’t cried during an episode of The Good Doctor since, like an episode ago, so I guess it was time for them to hit us with the feels. What did you think of this episode? Comment below or tweet us your thoughts!

In case you missed last weekend, catch up here.

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