‘Manifest’ 2×03 recap: “False Horizon”

It's getting intense af!

Manifest recap: Season 2, Episode 3, “False Horizon,” aired Jan. 20, 2020.

After last week’s episode, I was excited to see what other crazy things would happen this episode. Will we get some answers, like what the heck happened to Flight 828? Of course we won’t find out everything, but we do find out something pretty dang important. Let’s see what transpires on this episode of Manifest!

A little bit of Saanvi’s backstory

We start the episode with Saanvi on her way to Jamaica, and she calls someone, someone she’s waiting for. Who never bothers to show up. The person in question is Alex, and she tells The Major, aka her therapist, that she’s still not over Alex ditching her.

Ben is back at work! And Olive is back attending Believer meetings, which is still not a good idea. Meanwhile, Michaela is still trying to break Zeke out of jail. 

Vance has a plan, but it includes using Saanvi for their trap. Ope, Saanvi wants to meet this passenger with insane callings that Ben is using as the trap. 

The callings are getting stronger

As Grace is walking out of a yoga class, she gets a calling after walking away from another expecting mother. She also sees some creature of some sort — ah, a gargoyle. These callings and visions are getting even stronger! Grace, along with Cal, goes to find the woman, but she is acting quite strange and evasive. 

Michaela wants Jared to declare the shooting an accident, but he’s not willing to budge. Really? Jared bringing up that he destroyed his life for Michaela is so not cool. At all. Flat out, Michaela tells Jared that she’s going to help Zeke. No questions. Yes, break Zeke out of jail!

Ben is giving a guest lecture, and he has quite the turn out. Imagine having him as your professor in college? However, the students aren’t all that interested in math (can you blame them?); they are more interested in Flight 828. 

There’s a spy amongst them

Ben confesses to Saanvi that he used one of the passengers as bait because The Major is getting information. She’s upset that Ben didn’t trust her — that he hid Vance and everything he’s learned from her. Saanvi can’t catch a break. Stomping your phone is not the solution, I do know that. Now Vance is pissed at Ben because he blew his cover.

Is it really that easy for Michaela to get to Zeke? We are back in court, well, Zeke is. Michaela is called up to speak about what happened the night Zeke shot her. Oh my gosh, and she just threw Jared under the bus. Damn, didn’t see that coming. This isn’t going to look good for Jared considering Michaela was the victim, but her insisting Zeke was innocent, might bode well for Zeke. This is getting real messy.

Saanvi just told The Major she was grateful for her. Well, you’re not going to be by the time you find out that your therapist is EVIL. Stop telling her things!

Case dismissed?

Zeke is freed from jail! Hooray! To celebrate, they gather with the Stone family for a home cooked meal. Meanwhile, Olive decides to speak at one of the Believers meetings. Honestly, someone needs to take her keys  away.

Saanvi ends up setting up a video camera to catch whoever is getting the information. Bah dah duuuuuuummmm. At least now she knows that her therapist is hiding something. Little does she know who she actually is. And Ben, Vance and Saanvi just ID’ed the Major. Sh** is about to go DOWN. 

More Manifest musings

  • I need Saanvi to stop telling The Major stuff about her research.
  • Ben’s reaction to Olive’s haircut and dyed hair was such a typical dad response. 
  • Ben in glasses and a tie? Yes, please.
  • Michaela is really determined to get Zeke out, and I stan!
  • All this math talk is making me remember how terrible math was. There was a reason I majored in journalism. 
  • Grace going off on that woman. Yes, Grace, stand up for your son because that woman is TERRIBLE.
  • That court hearing was intense. Phew.
  • The man from the hiring committee?!? What the what?!

Okay, so like, we need the next Manifest episode asap. What did you think of this episode? Sound off below or geek out with us on Twitter about Ben’s glasses, I mean, the episode. 

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