‘Single Parents’ 2×12 recap: “Welcome to Hilltop!”

#RIP Pete

Single Parents 2×12 “Welcome to Hilltop!” aired January 15, 2020.

Between the death of a parrot, some big news regarding the new wife of Poppy’s ex-husband and the introduction of a throuple on the show… the least we can say is that a lot happened in Single Parents 2×12!

Let’s see what went down in this week’s episode in more details:

Sophie’s moral compass

It’s been established several times before: Sophie is a very bright child. She also has a strong moral compass. So, when she learns that Pete, the school’s parrot, is going to stay alone over a three-day weekend, she wants to fight for the bird.

She tries to make people sign a petition so that she can bring the parrot home for the weekend. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work out so well, as the vice-principal doesn’t agree to her demand. This doesn’t stop Sophie, though. On the opposite, she decides to simply steal the parrot.

She knows she’s doing a bad thing, but she also knows she’s doing it for a good cause. She thinks this is the right thing to do. Something her father agrees with, adding that the poor parrot probably never got the chance to fly.

Wrong idea. Because now, Sophie wants to let Pete fly. Problem is: his wings are clipped.

She doesn’t know that, though, so when she frees it, the parrot falls down… and tragically dies. #RIPPete.

Because of this, Sophie thinks that her bright future is doomed and she won’t be designated student of the year. Will then decides that she should lie about taking the parrot and asks for Douglas’ help. But Sophie isn’t a good liar — at least, until the vice-principal shows up at the house and she manages to make up a great story about her whereabouts.

This is when Will realizes that what he’s making his daughter do is wrong. He comes clean to the vice-principal, saying that this is all his fault; not Sophie’s. But the vice-principal doesn’t care. She punishes everyone (including Douglas) into cleaning the school while Pete the parrot is secretly being replaced by another one.

Single Parents 2×12
ABC/Raymond Liu

A little sister for Rory

It seems that Rory’s family keeps getting bigger. Indeed, his mother is dating Douglas, who has three children. And now, his father is having another child with his new wife, Sharon. That’s starting to be a lot of new siblings!

Sharon is the one who tells Poppy the news before she offers her to come with her for the ultrasound. This way, they could discover the baby’s sex together. Poppy politely declines, using Angie as an excuse. Angie then tries to make Poppy talk about her feelings, but she has something else in mind.

Indeed, while they talk, the two women catch Miggy’s girlfriend with another man. Poppy makes it her mission to spy on them and she and Angie find themselves on a stakeout. This distraction seems to work on her at first, until Poppy receives a text from Sharon.

It’s a picture of her ultrasound. It also reveals the sex of the future baby: she and Ron are having a girl!

This text forces Poppy to finally deal with her feelings and talk about them — she is upset by the news, but she can’t let it show and has to pretend she’s happy for her ex-husband and his new wife. Angie tells her she has the right to be upset and suggests she should use these feelings to get angry at Miggy’s girlfriend, who is currently kissing that other man.


When Mrs Pronstroller opened the door and Poppy and Angie started to scold her, I was sure it was going to end with some cliché storyline about cheating. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Because, before Mrs Pronstroller could say anything to defend herself, Miggy showed up and explained what’s truly going on.

This mysterious man is their boyfriend. As in, the three of them are a throuple. I never felt so happy to be wrong about something.

After that big reveal — as well as the reveal that Miggy had boyfriends in the past, something many fans wanted for him —, the three of them answer Poppy and Angie’s questions regarding their throuple. This explanation is made in a way that’s never mocking the nature of their relationship. It’s quite the opposite, even — it actually ends up helping Poppy to deal with her own problems with Sharon and Ron.

So, yes. I’m here to see more of this. There aren’t enough shows who portray polyamorous relationships. I’m glad Single Parents is one of them and seem to be doing it in a way that’s not to make fun of them.

Single Parents 2×12
ABC/Raymond Liu

Some more thoughts

  • Poppy and Angie are true friendship goals. I loved to see the roles reversed this time, with Angie giving advice to Poppy.
  • I really wish I could be as enthusiastic as Will when I do my dishes. He seems to be having the time of his life.
  • He would have looked great in a maroon suit, by the way. Sorry, costume.
  • I missed Graham and Rory in this episode. I wonder how Rory will react to the big news about his little sister. 
  • Can we have Angie come out as bi too?

And you, what did you think of Single Parents 2×12? Hit the comments and let us know!


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