‘Good Trouble’ 2×11 recap: “Clapback”

Good Trouble 2×11 “Clapback” aired on January 15, 2020

We’re back at The Coterie where you can always find a steady supply of tears, heartbreak and alcohol.  The mid-season premiere finds everyone in…not great places, honestly, but sets up some interesting storylines for the rest of the season.

Let’s break it down!

Malika’s priorities

From day one Malika’s activism has been a defining characteristic of who she is. In the midseason finale Malika was asked by the Black Lives Matter activists to help out during a disruption by live-streaming the event. When she got to the event she realized the target of the protest was Judge Wilson. Callie’s old boss who ruled over the Jamal Thompson case. Also, the guy who has a restraining order out on Malika.

The smart thing to do for Malika would have been the leave the moment she saw Judge Wilson, but she chooses to stay. Despite knowing what it might cost her, Malika stays and live-streams the event until she’s arrested. It’s admirable that Malika stuck to her principles. It’s also a decision that could cost her a lot.

Malika violated the restraining order and there’s no reason for Judge Wilson to let it go, she could be facing jail time. Malika seems to regret the choice she made, but there’s nothing she can do to fix it. 

Isaac, her perfect boyfriend, is also upset with her. Because of the BLM disruption and arrest, Malika missed dinner with Isaac’s family. Isaac, rightfully questions Malika’s priorities. He wants to know that when it counts, their relationship comes first. Malika tries to assure him that he does come first, but he doesn’t believe her.  

Judge Wilson’s regret

Despite knowing it’s basically pointless, Callie goes to see Judge Wilson to talk about Malika. Judge Wilson is fed up and refuses to give Malika more chances. Callie happens to be there when Judge Wilson gets a phone call, the worst call a parent could ever get. His son Tate is dead. 

Callie ends up accompanying him through the whole ordeal. She goes to Tate’s apartment with him. Tate died from an overdose and Judge Wilson is devastated. His pain and guilt are intensified by the last conversation he had with Tate. Father and son said some terrible things to each other, proclaiming how ashamed they were of the other. Unable to process his loss, Judge Wilson’s begins to fixate on finding the person who sold the drugs that killed Tate. 

After she leaves Judge Wilson, Callie breaks down. She wants to reach out to Mariana, but she doesn’t. Things between the sisters are not great at the moment, but they’re still the person the other wants to talk to during their hardest moments. Instead, she goes home to Jamie and finds Jude waiting for him. 

Turns out Jamie realized Callie needed her brother and called him. Callie and Jude get to talk about their own loss, her last moments with their mom. This was just what Callie needed, and major props to Jamie for recognizing this. Jude does wants to talk about Mariana, but Callie skirts around the conversation. Mariana and Callie need some space and that’s that. 

Fat Bitch

Jeff’s wife makes a post on social media blaming Davia for ruining her marriage and calls Davia a fat bitch. Davia decides to clapback and with Gael’s help films an empowering “proud fat bitch” music video where she embraces her body. The video itself is amazing and I love Davia for having this powerful moment. 

The motivations for filming the video are slightly more murky. She is right when she says that being fat is not a moral failure, but Jeff’s wife has just found about the affair and has a right to be upset. She does not have a right to body shame Davia, but it seems like a complicated situation with heightened emotions. Still, the argument could be made, and Davia basically says so herself, that the video really is a clapback to all those negative voices that have spent years shaming her for the way she looks. 

Davia’s confidence inspires Gael to quit his job at Spekulate and focus on his art. Davia, in turn, decides to knock on Dennis’s door, and presumably, talk about her feelings for him. Except it’s Malika who opens the door to Dennis’s room.  I wanted to just assume that Dennis and Malika just fell asleep after getting drunk together, but the promo for next week suggests otherwise. 

Elsewhere in The Cotiere:

  • Alice has her first stand-up set and it goes really well. Lindsay even invites Alice to open for her show in Sacramento. When Sumi and Lindsay meet and like each other, Alice doesn’t seem comfortable with setting them up and lies to Sumi about Lindsay having a girlfriend.
  • Mariana is not having a great time at Spekulate. Her app has been away from her and she doesn’t trust Claire to make the right decisions when it comes to the app, so she ends up choosing Raj as interim team leader. Kendra is investigating who leaked the men’s salary, and Evan is refusing to talk to her. Things at home are not much better as Mariana feels like Callie abandoned her. 
  • Callie temporary living situation might be becoming more permanent. By the end of the episode Callie seems open to the idea of actually moving in with Jamie and she tells him she loves him. 

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