‘Stumptown’ 1×11 recap: “The Past and the Furious”

Going SO undercover

Stumptown recap: Season 1, Episode 11, “The Past and the Furious,” aired Jan. 15, 2020.

Stumptown started strong last week, and it really has a way of keeping you intrigued. Dex is still struggling with Ansel moving out, but she has a new case to work on. Let’s see what happens this episode!

Time to partaaaaay

We start out with a classic house party. Tookie arrives, the real MVP, with a plate of tacos. It looks like Dex isn’t taking Ansel moving out all that well…A young army man comes to Dex with a case, wanting to find his real parents. The only stipulation is for him to not call Dex “m’am.” Lol, same. Being called m’am is the worst.

Grey and Dex are so married. I can see it; everyone can see it. Well, everyone except the two of them, apparently. Dex heads to a local church to learn more about the adoption records that are sealed from an old adoption agency. This church secretary is definitely hiding something.

Grey isn’t playing games going undercover, telling Hoffman he wants something out of all this. Can you blame him? 

After hours

Dex goes (breaks in?) to the church after hours, and she confesses that she didn’t mean to say she didn’t want to take care of Ansel once. That’s when she mentions her parents — I am so curious as to how Dex became sole guardian of her little brother. You can really tell how much Dex loves her brother.

Grey is, as Rachel Green would say, “porsching around.” Hoffman is just having a good ole time on his stakeout. Ohhh Grey put the tracker that was on him on an ice cream truck, and Hoffman isn’t all too happy. 

Dex tells her client that she found out that his birth mother died of a drug overdose. The two go scope out his mom’s storage unit. There, Dex tells him that her mom was an artist, too. Oh my gosh. They left Ansel when Dex was overseas. That’s awful! They do find the guy’s dad while looking through the mom’s things. His dad seems happy to see him at least. Aw.

Cheers for phones

The client’s dad tells Dex that he has to bail and wants her to tell his son for him. We also find out that his mother wasn’t the unfit parent, it was him. Very interesting. To find out more about her client’s mother, Dex enlists Sue Lynn. And she has some very important information about the adoption agency. Turns out, it was sketchy as hell. 

Damn — modern technology saves the day! Dex recorded the church secretary admitting that she did some sketchy things at the adoption agency, like taking away babies from parents. Goodness — simply awful.

Max, a woman who is part of the people Hoffman and Grey are trying to catch, has him steal a hella nice car. Hoffman divulges to Grey that he went undercover for a few years. He wants to ensure that Grey doesn’t get back to his old ways. At least he’s still looking out for him while he does this undercover work.

 Until next week on Stumptown

It’s heartbreaking hearing about how Dex and Ansel’s parents just left them with no regrets. Her client gives her a card where she can go to talk with some fellow vets. Sue Lynn bringing Dex’s client his birth family was really awesome of her. I’m glad he got some closure and was able to meet his family after all.

Forever loving Grey and Ansel’s friendship. Ansel is working on finishing a to-do list, and one of his goals is to ask a girl out. So, Grey is more than willing to help him get the girl. With that, he also gives him one of the sweetest pep talks.

Uh oh. Max calls Grey for some help moving heroine that they found in a truck they stole. Oh crap. This is when Hoffman needs to be called. Like, now.

More of Madeline’s musings

  • I still want to know more about Dex and Ansel’s parents.
  • Skuzzy just sounds like a name of someone who is doing illegal stuff.
  • I like that we’re slowly learning more about Dex’s backstory with each episode.
  • What we need more of: interactions between Dex and Grey. By we, I mean me.
  • I feel like Dex and Ansel’s parents might be making an appearance sooner rather than later.
  • Tookie is such a great friend.

This was a great episode of Stumptown! What did you think of it? Sound off below or tweet us your thoughts.

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