‘The Good Doctor’ 3×11 recap: “Fractured”

Welcome back with The Good Doctor winter premiere.

The Good Doctor recap: Season 3, Episode 11, “Fractured,” aired Jan. 13, 2020.

Before we went on hiatusThe Good Doctor hit us with some major feels. Maybe this half of the season we can have some happiness. I would like that, and I doubt anyone would be against that. Let’s see what happens in The Good Doctor winter premiere!

Time to go home

It starts off with Lea and Shaun, and she wants to talk to him about everything that happened the night before. However, Shaun would rather not talk more about it. He does tell Glassman that he and Lea slept together, though. He’s quick to clear up that they just slept when Glassman asks if they used protection. Oh, Shaun.

Has Morgan been snatched? She’s been so nice this season. Her and Shaun are teaming up for his first patient back at work, and the patient is adamant on zero pain killers. We find out that she’s a former opioid addict. He then goes to Carly, and she is clearly upset about the lack of communication while he was away. 

Claire discloses to Melendez that she started seeing a therapist. The therapist says that Claire might have PTSD. Oh hey, Claire and Park’s patient is the kid from Hannah Montana, Rico! Except he plays a patient that might be a drug addict or dealer.

A flake FOR SURE

Lol Morgan’s description of Lea is spot on. “Flake” is an excellent word for her, and for once, I agree with Morgan on this. Lea has never really been a good person; obviously, she does have her moments. Meanwhile, things are quite awkward between Carly and Shaun. Upfront, she asks if there’s anything between Lea and him. He tells her things are “different” because he feels the need to impress her but not Lea.

Claire doesn’t want to call the police on their patient, but both Melendez and Park agree that, per policy, they have to. Even though he tries to leave again, Claire tells him she wants to help him. So, he gives her a short timeframe to do so and then he’s out. This is the Claire that I’ve been missing — the one who would do anything to help someone. I missed her.

In the past, Claire says she would sometimes steal food when her mom would be away from home. That’s why she wants to help their patient — because she knows what it’s like to not have anything. Park is really not up for letting this guy go without consequences.

Personal advice of the romantical kind

Shaun asks Andrews how he knew that his wife was The One. This is really sweet, the way he’s speaking about his wife. As soon as Shaun gets home, Morgan calls him, telling him he needs to get back for their patient. 

The husband goes to his wife, pleading with her to tell him what’s going on. She ends up telling him her secret, which I’m glad she did. He urges here to take the meds, and he promises that he’ll be there for her even if she relapses. However, she can’t go through with it.

Shaun ends up telling Carly about his night with Lea. She’s hurt by his comfort level with Lea and not with her. Aw. Her feelings about that are justified. For sue, for sure. 

Emotions bubbling to the surface

Poor Shaun. He goes to Glassman upset that everyone will leave him. Thankfully, Glassman is there to reassure him. That he’s proud of him, and I will forever love their relationship. Shaun never needed his jerk face of a dad when he has Glassman.

We see Claire in therapy, but she’s buzzed back to the hospital where she finds out that her patient is gone. Come on.

The episode ends with Shaun asking Carly is she’s had enough space. I wasn’t sure of Carly in the beginning, but I feel like she really cares about Shaun. Lea does too, but I don’t think it’s in the same way. She tells Shaun that she prefers that he not live with Lea anymore. 

More The Good Doctor Musings

  • I am so dang proud of Claire.
  • This woman literally went through surgery without any medication, and it was so painful to watch. 
  • I’m glad Claire didn’t give up on her patient. It shows the kind of person she is and always has been.
  • Melendez is being so sweet. I can’t. 
  • Shaun telling Carly he loves her!

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