‘Manifest’ 2×02 recap: “Grounded”

Callings, callings, oh, and more callings!

Manifest recap: Season 2, Episode 2, “Grounded,” aired Jan. 13, 2020.

We left off last week on Manifest with the reveal that Vance was still alive. Oh, and he kidnapped Ben. You know, the usual drama we find ourselves in on Manifest. Let’s see what this week has in store for us!

Vance is back, back again

Okay, so maybe Vance isn’t a bad guy after all. I am relieved! Ben is still talking with fellow passengers, and this time, he’s talking to a college student, TJ. Turns out, he also sees his own fate, like everyone else.

Meanwhile, Michaela and Cal are chatting about all this crazy stuff. Cal is still adamant about talking with Zeke about all of it. Nobody ships Zeke and Michaela quite like Cal does. Smart boy.

Grace and Ben are moving forward with finding out who the father of the baby is. Woah! Grace is now getting the callings, too, which is unexpected. It kept telling her to “stop.” How is that even possible?! Ben and her seem to think it has something to do with the pregnancy; thus, making Ben the father after all. I honestly was convinced it was Danny’s. At least that takes some of the drama away.

No visitors allowed

Michaela goes to visit Zeke to talk with him, but apparently, he doesn’t want any visitors. Huh. Michaela is officially back at work after her leave. We also learn that Jared and her will no longer be partners. Good riddance, bro. 

TJ calls Ben after he finds a dead body. Jared is being ruthless towards these callings. We can’t trust him! Speaking of callings, Olive is upset Grace is now hearing the callings. I would NOT want to have callings, but I think it’s just the angsty teenage thing. 

Zeke is in court…and he pleaded guilty. NOOO! Michaela isn’t all too happy about him convicting himself. I’m not all that happy about it either. I think Michaela’s new boss is going to make a lot of things more difficult dealing with the flight and everything else going forward.

The doctor is in

Who the heck is this doctor being hella creepy with Saanvi? No thanks. Seriously, this guy is too much, and I am immediately suspicious. Saanvi, don’t tell The Major anything about work…ever. This will not be good. 

Jared reveals that he found evidence of TJ all over the girl’s room. Jared, not willing to go easy, promptly arrests him. As that happens, Michaela starts to shake, as does everything around Cal and Zeke. They’re all connected — the three of them! These callings are getting more intense. It makes me wonder why it’s just the three of them and not Ben. 

Michaela is busy investigating the college girl, Frannie’s, death. As she realizes that TJ was, in fact, never in the room, Michaela has a vision of someone mysteriously shoveling. Her and her new partner head to campus police to find out more. One of the campus policemen mentions that Frannie was in a hurry the night she got a keycard. However, Michaela is able to see through this guy’s story and he is arrested for the murder of Frannie. TJ is released, thankfully.

Family 4ever

Olive discloses to Grace that she’s afraid of the callings, that the death dates might leave her all alone. Poor Olive. Uh oh, she ends up attending that meeting … you know, the meeting she should not be attending. Teenagers make dumb decisions all the time, but this one could be hella dangerous. 

While Michaela’s boss is impressed with the case, she’s immediately suspicious as to how she solved the case. Could she be part of The Major’s crew? I don’t know who to trust anymore. I don’t trust anyone except Ben and his glasses. A true power couple. Michaela returns back to her apartment, but is having flashbacks to the night she was shot. She ends up writing a note to Zeke, telling him that she needs him. Their connection is undeniable on so many levels. It seems they can communicate through callings. 

Frannie’s art exhibit ends up being a collage of TJ and his deceased mother. This is equal parts sweet but super sad. While Ben’s at the exhibit, he runs into an old friend who is a dean of the college, and she is interested in hiring him. 

More of Madeline’s Manifest musings

  • Zeke. Poor Zeke!
  • TJ’s backstory about his mom is making me sad. Poor kid.
  • Jared is literally pissing me off. 
  • I feel bad for Olive; she wants to help, but even Cal isn’t willing to talk to her about the callings.
  • Put down that pamphlet, Olive!
  • Michaela is literally a bad ass. 
  • You can’t convince me that Michaela and Zeke aren’t endgame after that. Sorry, Jared, but I don’t think you have a chance anymore. 

Well, well, well. We have another episode of Manifest that leaves us wanting more and wanting to find out what the heck is happening. What did you think of this episode? Comment below or tweet us!

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