‘Single Parents’ 2×11 recap: “The Angie-Man”

Did you say… fake dating?!

Single Parents 2×11 “The Angie-Man” aired January 8, 2020.

Single Parents went on a small hiatus over the holidays, but now it’s back… with, among other things, some fake dating for Will and Angie! Seriously, what more could we ask for?!

Let’s see all that went down in Single Parents 2×11:

Poppy needs some alone time

Now that Douglas and Poppy said “I love you” for the first time, it seems that all is going well in their relationship. Following Rory’s advice to offer her his help even though she doesn’t ask for it, Douglas offers to take care of Poppy’s son while she’s busy with some problem at the winebrary. As in: there’s goat in the wine she bought — what?!

She’s reluctant at first but eventually agrees. After all, she has enough on her plate already, as Miggy can’t stop drinking said wine.

Now that their kids know about Douglas and Poppy’s relationship, it’s good to see them together! Even though Douglas seems to have a hard time following Rory through all the errands the boy has to run. It’s still fun to see them bond.

And Poppy needs this free time — so much so that once she’s done with her wine problem, she texts Douglas to ask him to watch Rory for the rest of the afternoon. After all, she doesn’t have much time for herself, with being a single mom and all. So, she takes this opportunity to go shopping with Miggy, who’s the one who insisted she should take some time off in the first place.

Did I already say I love this friendship? Because I do. Very much.

Problem is, they meet Rory and Douglas at the mall. As it turns out, the text Poppy sent said she was still busy at the winebrary. She has to explain herself, then, which leads to a very sweet moment between her and Douglas.

He tells her she shouldn’t be afraid to ask him to do things, especially when it comes to Rory. How sweet. They’re starting to become a real small family!

Meet the parents

Single Parents 2×11
ABC/John Fleenor

Remember, a few episodes ago, Will learned that his father cheated on his mother. Well, in this week’s episode of Single Parents, we finally meet them… and they’re celebrating their anniversary! What made them stay together, you may ask?

Well, Will and Angie’s relationship. Because they think they’re a couple. And a very inspiring one…

Thanks to this misunderstanding, Will asks Angie to pretend to be his girlfriend for the duration of the party. Oh, I love some good old fake dating! And it seems that Will and Angie do too, because they go all-in with their fake stories to Will’s parents’ friends. Everyone seems to buy they’re a couple, and even they acknowledge that pretending to be together was “easy”.

Of course it was — these two are meant to be together!

Unfortunately, the fun can’t last forever. Indeed, Tracy — Will’s real girlfriend — suddenly shows up and kisses Will in front of his parents. They’re obviously confused, which leads to Will having to come clean to them while Angie has to stay with Tracy.

This is when Angie comes up with the most heartbreaking realization: she and Will have to stop spending so much time together, for Tracy’s sake. The way Will looks at her while she leaves the house… TOO MANY FEELS.

I’m sure this won’t last long, though. This season has been a gift for all the Will and Angie shippers out there and I’m sure it’s still going to deliver in the remaining episodes. I’m here for the slow burn.

The Makeover

Single Parents 2×11
ABC/Byron Cohen

Ah, these kids. They’re full of resources.

After seeing Tony all depressed because his girlfriend broke up with him for good, they decide to give him a makeover. So that he can find another woman to “hug”. They take the task very seriously, and it seems to work!

Indeed, when they take him to a café to meet new people once the makeover is over, he makes a good impression on not only one, but two women. Lucky Tony, who’s getting all the hugs! I’m glad we’re seeing more of him. He’s a fun character.

Some more thoughts

  • Something is going to happen between Will and Angie before the end of the season. I am sure of it.
  • I love when the kids team up together. It’s always so much fun to watch.
  • “See, you push on the head, and it barfs out the soap, which I love.” Angie’s the best. For real.
  • Douglas calling Poppy “the May to my December” is the sweetest thing ever.

And you, what did you think of Single Parents 2×11? Hit the comments and let us know! And you can find our recaps of the first half of the season here.


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