‘Stumptown’ 1×10 recap: “Reality Checks Don’t Bounce”

Stumptown recap: Season 1, Episode 10, “Reality Checks Don’t Bounce,” aired Jan. 8, 2020.

Happy back from hiatus, Stumptown fans! We left off with Ansel wanting to move out, and Grey was (maybe?) about to confess his feels for Dex! However, Hoffman beat him to it, and I am so stressed out over all of this. Let’s see what trouble Dex gets into this episode!

Courtroom (TV) drama

We start in the courtroom with a judge that is full of sass. Wait, it’s not a real courtroom, though, because it seems like Dex is playing a PI on TV. It’s the big leagues, guys! However, Dex looks less than enthused to be there. I like how Dex is just stocking up on the food cart because I would do the same. 

The TV judge hires Dex for an actual case, and he means business. I always love scenes between Dex and Ansel. It makes me sad that he still wants to move out — I feel like he’s what keeps Dex grounded.

Matchbox Twenty? Wait, are they still around? Hoffman’s boss demands that he go with his wife to their concert. Apparently, Cosgrove said he was the only guy for the job. Oh boy, this should be entertaining.

Awkward love situations

Dex goes to the station to ask Hoffman with help on a case, but everything is super awkward. Hmm something happened that night he went to her house. Oh, she friend zoned him? For Grey?! Clearly, that is my dream. Speaking of more awkwardness, Grey tells Dex him and Liz are no longer a couple. Seems like they’re letting bygones be bygones. All good here. Yay!

Dex finds her mark in a strip club. That almost seemed too easy. TV judge guy and his brother definitely don’t get along, that’s for sure. 

While Hoffman is inside the gas station after the concert, car robbers throw the boss’s wife out of the car and steal it. That’s a terrible way to end a concert. Hoffman goes to Grey for some help with this carjacking problem. However, Grey says that’s not his world anymore. Grey needs to stay on the good side.

“Be careful.” You too, Grey!

Hoffman and Grey end up teaming up for the carjacking case. Grey’s friends no longer trusts him because he cleaned up his act. It’s still fun to see this side of Jake Johnson that’s not a Nick Miller-type-character. Oh gosh, Hoffman and Grey are talking about Dex. Oh gosh. Don’t move on, Grey! No matter if you think it’s the right decision — you clearly are into her.

Dex finally talks to Ansel about him moving out — even giving him an extended curfew and all that fun stuff. He still wants to move out, though. Dex, however, tells him that it’s not going to happen. 

I think Dex may be in too deep with this case. When a guy pulls out a bat and locks the door, it means it’s time to get the hell outta there. TV Judge calls Dex to show her his brother’s ear…cut off. Well, that’s really gross and concerning. 

Bring out the snakes

Dex and her client decide to find the brother together. They break into the pet shop where, low and behold, they find him. And he has both of his ears intact! This break-in went wrong real fast; the pet shop owner comes back with a gun pointed at them. He ends up shooting the TV judge. Crap.

The brothers, while not bffs, end up mending some fences. Dex comes to the conclusion that maybe she does need to let Ansel be his own man. Grey offers to let Ansel stay with him, and I just love their friendship! It’s so pure. Grey really is a good guy. “Co-parenting.” Omg, Dex! 

With Ansel moving out, this means Dex will be alone. This is making me kind of sad. Did Hoffman ask Grey to go undercover? He doesn’t really have a choice in the matter, it seems. So, Dex tells Hoffman that she wants to “do it on (her) own” in a flashback to the winter finale. Interesting…very interesting.

More of Madeline’s Stumptown musings

  • The return of Dex’s car radio!
  • Hoffman is really going to a Matchbox Twenty concert. LOL.
  • Awe, Dex is really upset about Ansel wanting to move out. I’m upset, too!
  • I am so here for Grey and Hoffman working this case together. They’re gonna be bffs, I just know it.
  • What a shady petshop owner.
  • I’m actually okay with the nonfocus on the love triangles. Sometimes that stuff gets tiring, and I like seeing Dex work her cases. But, I still want her with Grey…
  • The flossing comment was honestly everything because flossing is so annoying. 

That was one way to come back from a hiatus. What did you think of the winter finale of Stumptown? Comment below or tweet us your reactions and thoughts!

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