‘Manifest’ season 2 premiere recap: “Fasten Your Seatbelts”

A plot twist you didn't see coming

We are back with the Manifest season 2 premiere!

Manifest recap: Season 2, Episode 1, “Fasten Your Seatbelts,” aired Jan. 6, 2020.

Woah, it’s been a while since Manifest was last on our screens. Can you all believe it’s almost been a year since that season 1 finale? I can’t wait to see what transpires this season and to see more of Ben in his glasses. You know, the important stuff.

Also, stay away from planes while this season airs. Or, at least, check in with friends and family when you get off the plane to ensure it’s still 2020.

Let’s see how season 2 kicked off!

Back to the beginning

We start back on Flight 828, but it ends up being Michaela’s calling. Cal was also there with a “save the passengers” line. It’s then we find out that the person who was shot at the end of season 1 finale was Michaela. By Zeke. Damnit! WHYYYYYY?

Somehow, I feel like Jared is lying. I still don’t trust the guy, but can you blame me? Even Michaela said she didn’t want to see Jared after surgery, according to Saanvi. There’s something more to this! I know it.

Two months later…

Grace reveals that she had a miscarriage last year that Ben didn’t know about. Ben tells her that if Danny always wanted kids, maybe they should find out if it’s Danny’s kid. Oh, I totally think it’s Danny’s. 100%. No doubt, no doubt, no doubt. Thankfully, the kids take the news of the pregnancy well.

Ooff. I forgot the Major was Saanvi’s therapist, and she even brings up Saanvi’s (potential) feelings about Ben. OH MY GOSH. Michaela goes to her boss to stop the search for Zeke because she said the shot was an accident. Jared…man…I just. 

Danny sighting! That was super awkward, I must say. I don’t blame Olive for feeling the way she does — about things never being the same again — she is a teenager after all. Grace really should figure out who the father is…Danny has the right to know if it’s his kid, as does Ben.

Where’s Waldo…er Zeke

Cal goes to visit Zeke’s parents house with a drawing of Zeke being at the house. Turns out that Zeke is there after all! Cal tells him that Michaela and him are supposed to be together. He even ships it.

Michaela is back to work trying to find a man and woman who were on the plane that have gone missing. Jared doesn’t agree with Michaela…on basically anything. You know who does agree with her? ZEKE. I’m sorry, I forgot how salty I was about Jared. It’s been a year of harboring these feelings. I will stop now.

The missing man and woman sent their life’s savings to the woman they left their kid with. Hmm. Michaela runs into Zeke, and she tells him he needs to leave. Unfortunately, he tells Michaela that he turned himself in for shooting her. Oh no, no, Zeke! As she reaches out for Zeke, she has another calling of a yellow car. Ben and Michaela go to the scene of the calling, and that’s where they find the two missing people, who hear and see the death date, too.  


When Ben and Michaela try to stop the passengers from driving over the cliff, they end up saving a family who drove off the road in the process. 

The Major tells Saanvi that she doesn’t actually need to talk to her, which I am surprised about. Isn’t she trying to find out the scoop? Get inside her head? Oh, her saying that was part of her diabolical plan to get Saanvi to open up about the flight. Sneaky af!

Okay, Ben, don’t walk towards an unknown van in the middle of the night! And he just got kidnapped. Well, this isn’t good. So, it seems like when Michaela touches someone, that’s when her visions spark to life? Very interesting.

WHAT THE HELL. VANCE!?!?!?! He kidnapped Ben?! He’s alive?! Excuse me!? My mouth is literally hanging open right now. I — WHAT.

More of Madeline’s Manifest musings

  • Heyyyyy, Ben’s glasses!
  • Ben telling Saanvi to eat because he’s worried about her. Awe, I love their friendship.
  • Manifest….sponsored by J.Crew.
  • Michaela is adamant on Zeke being innocent, and I am here for this ship.
  • Ben is hardcore investigating these passengers, and he should really become a journalist. 
  • Jared just can’t get the hint. Dude.
  • These love triangles are WILD. Here I was thinking OUAT had some messy love triangles, but I was wrong. Idk, both of these shows deliver the love triangle angst, and I’m not mad about it. I love some angst.
  • Someone get Zeke out of jail. Gah, I really like the guy, and I think that Michaela could be good for him. 

I just…need some time to process that ending. I can’t believe I was naive enough to believe that Vance was a good guy. Good guys don’t go around faking their deaths and capturing Ben. Woah. So, what did you think of the season 2 premiere? Sign off below or tweet us!

Take a look back in time with our season 1 recaps to refreshen your memory!

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