‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’: 9 of the best guest stars

Over the course of six seasons, Brooklyn Nine-Nine has had its fair share of guest appearances. Some of them come back from time to time (like Dean Winters or Jason Mantzoukas) while others were only there for one episode (like Bill Hader or Nick Offerman). In any case, they all have something in common: they were — or still are — a very fun addition to the show.

So, while we wait for season 7 and, hopefully, the introduction of some new faces, here’s a list of nine of our favorite Brooklyn Nine-Nine guest stars:

Fred Armisen (Mlep(clay)nos)

We were first introduced to Mlep(clay)nos (the “clay” is silent!) in the pilot, while Jake and Amy were on door duty. We saw him again a few episodes later during a Peraltiago-centric episode.

It was only fitting that he came back for their wedding, then. Having this hilarious character, who can play the violin “like an angel” (even though he calls it a guitar), as part of Jake and Amy’s wedding ceremony was a nice touch to add inside an episode already filled with small references to past episodes. And we would certainly not mind if his path were to cross with the Nine-Nine again at some point!

Maya Rudolph (Karen Haas)

maya rudolph b99
Ray Mickshaw/FOX

There’s no denying it: Maya Rudolph is the perfect Judge in The Good Place. But she was just as good and hilarious when she guest starred in two episodes of Brooklyn Nine-Nine back in season 4.

She played Karen Haas, the Marshall who was in charge of taking care of Jake and Holt while they were in witness protection. She was a very funny character, and we were glad to learn nothing happened to her after she got kidnapped by Figgis!

Marc Evan Jackson (Kevin Cozner)

best brooklyn nine-nine guest stars
Eddy Chen/FOX

I can’t imagine anyone better than Marc Evan Jackson to play Kevin Cozner, aka. Raymond Holt’s husband. He appeared several times throughout the different seasons and showed us over and over again what a perfect match he makes to our favorite Captain.

The two of them love each other so much; we never get tired of seeing these little glimpses of their life. Actually, we’d even like to see more of it — like the vows renewal they talked about back in season 2!

Lin-Manuel Miranda (David Santiago)

lin manuel miranda brooklyn nine-nine
Ron Batzdorff/NBC

We learned in the pilot that Amy has seven brothers and yet, we had to wait until season 6 to finally meet one of them. But it was worth it because Lin-Manuel Miranda makes the perfect Santiago brother! He even nailed all the Santiago dance moves. David was a little too perfect, but it made Amy’s rivalry with him even funnier.

Plus, as a fan of the show, Lin-Manuel Miranda didn’t hesitate to make his voice heard when it got cancelled at the end of season 5. Having him play a character in season 6, after NBC picked up Brooklyn Nine-Nine, was then a true gift.

Sterling K. Brown (Philip Davidson)

sterling k. brown brooklyn nine-nine

Sometimes, Brooklyn Nine-Nine likes to shake things up and make episodes that are different from its usual formula. “The Box” was one of them. Almost all of the episode took place in the interrogation room, with only three characters: Jake, Holt… and Philip Davidson, a suspect played by Sterling K. Brown. The three of them made the perfect trio; the episode was a true success.

This guest appearance wasn’t the first and last time we saw him and Andy Samberg work together. Indeed, he also worked on a The Lonely Island project a few months ago: The Unauthorized Bash Brothers Experience. He played the role of Sia in one of the songs the group sang with her.

Kyra Sedgwick (Madeline Wuntch)

best brooklyn nine-nine guest stars
Eddy Chen/FOX

Kyra Sedgwick as Madeline Wuntch has to be one of the most iconic Brooklyn Nine-Nine guest stars. Her rivalry with Captain Holt is one of my favorite relationships of the whole show. They have some of the funniest interactions.

Now that she came back for the season 6 finale, I really hope we’ll see her again at the beginning of season 7. After all, she’s the current Commissioner and the reason why Holt is an officer again…

Tim Meadows (Caleb)

best brooklyn nine-nine guest stars
John P Fleenor/FOX

Who would have thought that a cannibal could be so lovable? Certainly not me. Yet, in the span of just a few episodes, Caleb became one of my favorite guest characters on Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

He helped Jake during his time in jail and even saved his life by getting stabbed instead of him. He also made another appearance at the end of season 6, and his reunion with Jake — as well as Charles’ jealousy towards this (weird) friendship — were a true delight to watch.

Craig Robinson (Doug Judy)

doug judy 3x13
John P Fleenor/FOX

What would a season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine be without its Pontiac Bandit episode? Just like the Halloween heists, it has become a real tradition within the show.

Doug Judy must be the most charismatic (ex-)criminal around, and we love his friendship with Jake so much. His episodes are always hilarious and never get old — even if Judy betrayed Jake 5 times out of the 6 episodes he was in. Somehow, he still remains extremely lovable!

In his latest episode, we were also introduced to Doug Judy’s sister, played by Nicole Byer. She’s just perfect for the role. So hopefully we’ll see them both again next season!

And you, who are your favorite Brooklyn Nine-Nine guest stars? Which actors would you like to see on the show next? Hit the comments and let us know!

And don’t forget to tune in on NBC on February 6th for season 7 and the introduction of a new guest star: Vanessa Bayer, who will play Holt’s new partner Debbie Fogel!


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