Best series finales of the decade: 6 TV shows with a perfect ending

It’s always hard to say goodbye…

TV shows come and go. New ones are produced each year, while we have to say goodbye to some others. And if we mostly judge a show from its overall quality, the way its series finale is written can be just as important. There’s nothing more frustrating than a disappointing ending to a show we love while on the contrary, a good ending can make all the difference.

So, since the 2010s are ending soon, we decided it’s time to focus on those good endings and remember some of the best series finales of the decade!

The Office (2005-2013)

The Office is one of the most iconic TV shows of the decade. So, its ending had to be iconic as well.

The show’s last seasons might not have been as good as the previous ones, but it still did a great job at putting an end to this hilarious story. Indeed, its series finale was a heartwarming farewell to this group of people working at Dunder Mifflin Paper Company.

Even Michael Scott made a surprise return for the occasion. It felt so good to hear one of his “that’s what she said” jokes again! This is definitely the kind of series finales that we like to rewatch and didn’t leave us with any kind of disappointment.

Once Upon a Time (2011-2018)

best series finales of the decade
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Some might argue that the “real” Once Upon a Time ended when its season 6 finale aired. It did not, though, and got one more season that introduced us to some new main characters. In any case, with its series finale, the show gave us everything we could ask of a story about fairy tales: a happy ending.

No more curses, memory loss or villains to defeat for our favorite characters! They all got their well-deserved happily ever after. It was the perfect way to put an end to a show that’s all about hope.

We even got to see the familiar faces we had missed during Once Upon a Time’s last season. Including Emma Swan, who arrived late at Regina’s coronation ceremony. It was a nice little nod to the pilot.

Parks and Recreation (2009-2015)

Parks and Recreation’s season 6 finale was beautiful; so beautiful even, that it could have been hard to top it. Yet, the show’s series finale was just as touching and amazing. If not even better.

It didn’t only hint that the characters we followed for all these seasons would get a happy ending — it actually showed us said happy endings through a series of flashforwards. What more could have we asked for?

For sure, Parks and Recreation’s series finale remains one of my personal favorites. It was one of the cutest, most satisfying series finales of the decade. And very funny too, of course!

New Girl (2011-2018)

When it comes to happy endings, sitcoms are the best. New Girl and its series finale made no exception. At the end of a shortened season 7, the show came full circle with Nick and Jess moving out of the loft all these years after Jess first moved in, in the pilot.

Several references to past episodes were made during this finale, including one last True American or Winston pulling his greatest prank. We also got a glimpse into the characters’ future at the end of the episode, with all of their children!

Timeless (2016-2018)

The fact that Timeless got an ending is already a great thing in itself. It could even be called miraculous, after being cancelled twice.

Fans of the show never gave up, though, and managed to bring it back to life first for a second season and then for a “movie”. Which was, in fact, two more episodes made to finish the story.

With such a short amount of time to wrap all the different storylines, the Timeless movie could have easily been a disappointment. It wasn’t — on the opposite, we got to follow our favorite time-travellers on two more adventures that tied the loose ends in a beautiful way. Even better, the whole series finale was an actual Christmas episode, since it aired during the holidays!

These last two episodes also ended with a flashforward that left us with an open ending for the show. We never know, if someday a network were to revive it…

Fleabag (2016-2019)

Fleabag only lasted for two short seasons, yet it still managed to make us love it and its characters. Its series finale might not be like your usual series finale, but it was just like the rest of the show: beautiful and full of emotions.

The last minutes of the episode especially were amazing. The whole conversation between Fleabag and the Priest or the way she looks at the camera one last time before leaving us behind… the show couldn’t have had a more fitting ending.

And you, what do you think were the best series finales of the decade? Are any of your favorite shows ending next year? Hit the comments and let us know!


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