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Legacies: Our favorite girl-power moments from season 2A

The first half of Legacies season 2 has given us fans a lot to be thankful for, namely the power of friendship between the women in the show. There have been love triangles, invisible crushes, and minotaurs, but none of it has stopped the women on this show from choosing themselves, and each other, first.

While there are more girl power moments than can fit in this post, here are some of the highlights from the first half of Legacies season 2.

Watch the recap of our favorite girl power moments in Legacies season 2:

Lizzie’s ice cream moment and Josie’s relentless sisterly love

Remember that epic scene where Lizzie had a mouth full of ice cream, eating her feelings because she thought Sebastian wasn’t real? She didn’t let her heartbreak stop her, and she still went after Landon when she saw him carrying the Oni-sword.

Josie delivered in this scene, too—not giving up on Lizzie while she was tied to a tree possessed by the Oni demon. Yes, she may have succumbed to dark magic, but she did whatever she could to save her sister, and you can’t argue with that.

8-bit bonding

Lizzie and Hope’s rendezvous with the minotaur during their 80’s flashback was one of the best moments of the season. Not only did the show succeed in doing something it’s never done before with the “video game monster”, we finally saw Lizzie and Hope truly bond and become—dare we say it—friends.

Kaleb’s sister Kym

With the news of Chris Lee, who plays Kaleb, bumping up to a series regular, we hope that means more of Ebboney Wilson, who plays Kaleb’s sister Kym. In 2×06, she helped save the day with her knowledge of Roanoke, proving once again that being a nerd is awesome. Plus, her dynamic with Kaleb is something we need more of.

Josie putting everyone else before herself

Girl power isn’t always fighting the big bad monster, it’s facing the one inside of yourself. Josie knows that if she brings everyone’s memories back, she might lose the boy she loves, Landon. After talking to her mom, she realizes that doing the selfish thing isn’t the right thing. Two claps for making the hard choice, Jo.

Sisterhood first

While Landon was off with Raf trying to draw away the Malivore monsters, Hope and Josie finally talked about Landon, the memories, and what happened while Hope was gone. There wasn’t any fighting, just two women choosing to put friendship first. They know the situation they’re in is messy, but they also know that they’re friends and that neither of them did anything to intentionally hurt one another. Can we all take a page from their grimoire?

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Legacies airs Thursdays at 9pmEST/8pmCST on The CW and returns on January 16, 2020.

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